Wednesday, May 05, 2010

When all eyes are on you..

When all eyes are on you..
around the table.. and the whole room..
when everyone is looking at you..
When the whole room is in silence..
so silent you can hear them breathing..

when even you dunno what to say..
you dunno what to feel..
you dunno what to think..

you dunno whether to cry or shout..
you dunno whether to be sad or angry..
you dunno anything....

at that point of time when you're completely stunned..shocked..blank.. suprised..
you dunno how to react..

when everyone is staring at you..
but they're not saying a word..
u can feel the things they are telling you..
just by the look of their eyes..
the way they stare at you..

awkward silence.. tensed..
so many things are going on in your mind..
so many questions.. left unanswered..
Is it true? or.. Whoa. so this is how you think of me all this while?

clearly. You dont understand me .. then.
when i actually thought you did all this while..

every individual have their own minds..
they have all the rights in the world..
to think of you the way they want to..
hearing how some of them think of you may sometimes hurt you..
but listening is the most you can do..

justifying yourself will do no one any good..
not even yourself.. it is meaningless.. it is useless..
all you can do is listen. and now know, how they think of you..
altho sometimes if may not be true..
but there is no question whether to agree or to disagree.
they have all rights to think so.

i need to buy myself a filter.
i need to learn how to filter out the bad and take in the good.
the negative and the positive.
the good critics and the bad critics.
wht i can use to improve and to throw away..
the ones that can break me down..

and i've said this many times before in my blog.
CLEARLY. i do this for no one.
no one. but MYSELF.
i know this very well.

you know..

i feel like disappearing for a while.

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