Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just another one of those days..

Just another one of those days
When your always in a daze
Staring out at the pouring rain
And your thoughts starts to wonder
So far back, sometimes it reminds you of all the pain.
Of all that used to be
But is no where to be found in the present, nor the future.

You then start to compare
What was and is
It makes you feel like going back
far,far back in time
But both you and I know that time,
Time is something not ought to be fiddled with

You can cry,pray or wish upon a shiny star
But in the end of the day
Wishful thinking is all you've got.

The rain can sometimes bring you peace and serenity
It keeps you calm and cool
But it sometimes makes you feel
As if you were the most lonely person in the world.
It can make you feel like you've got no one
No one at all to just talk to
Without having to have any reason or purpose.

Sometimes the rain also portrays
What you're feeling deep down inside.
A heart that is raining...
Quietly and secretly inside.


  1. dear don't emo kay? *hugs*

  2. Chocolate4ever : Hello.. =) haha.. i'm really thinking whether your wow is a wow for "whoaaa really emo!" or.. something else. hahaa.. whtever it is, welcome Sasha. =)

    Sheryl: yeaah i was really emo that day.. and i was waiting for dad in college and it was raining really heavily so yeah.. the rain inspired me to write. =)