Thursday, May 06, 2010

I see you.

=S !

When you keep your cool.. you walk pass as if you never noticed him there.. but deep inside u feel like omg he's there! =SS but u just continue to keep your cool.. and as you walk pass.. He looks up to look at you.. and u go all crazie inside.. and try so hard not to show that you're flyinggg~! =P

and as you walk pass him.. you'd think like.. oh no larh.. he just happened to look up coz someone was passing by. BUT THEN! u look infront.. and theres a shiny door infront of u.. and u see a reflection of whats going on behind you.. and then you realize.. O.O! he's still looking at you! LOL! caught red handeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!! =PPPPPPPPPPPP

and as you stand with your group of friends..
as you talk.. as you laugh.. u notice him looking at you secretly from where he is.. and u pretend like you've no idea he's there.. looking at you.. but you're like. Weeeeeee~! xDDDD HAHAHAHAHAH! and then when you're studying.. he comes and study at the table next to you.. and his friends come and ask him to go eat.. but he rejects them.. but when u ciao.. he also ciao-ed.

and u feel like... O.o Hmm?!

its so annoying! when your eyes and his eyes meets every single time u pass by each other.. but not a single word is spoken. hahaa.. ai yai yaiiii.

=S =S =SSS.


i kinda liked today. =D

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