Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello everyoneee!
ahhh the exact same thing happened to me AGAIN.
like what?! its the end of the week agaaaain!
super duper woooperrr fast! =/
yeah .. its friday again.. already.. can u believe it?
the week passed by so fast really..
too fast..

anyhoo.. i've got TONNES OF PICTURES!
hahahaa.. had so much fun staying over at kim's!
although.. we did nth much ..
nth much of the things we girls would usually do when we have sleepovers.. =P cause most of the time we were in college..early.. till it was late.. have dinner.. chat a lil n sleep.. haha.. coz i have to study and kim has to study SUPER ALOT! coz her exams are next week! so yeah.. =) but still! we had fun.. as always.. =)) JIA YOU KIM! I KNOW U CAN DO ITTTT!!!! =)))

and i had badminton and all.. haha..
so yeah.. tonnes and tonnes of pictures!!!

and yeah i've realized alot of things this week..
you know. like my dad always say.
Having ONE true friend is better than having a THOUSAND friends who back stab u, are two-faced or only go to you when they need you. and i'm far off better.!
i am so happy that i have finally found you, wan ching! =)
Wan ching is like the closest friend i have in college right now.. =) after a long time.. and after much incidents.. i have finally found the friend who i can laugh eat smile go crazy shop study with. =) she's really someone i can relate to and someone i want to care for. and she's someone whose so loving and caring really. even if things doesnt benefit her.. she'd accompany you just for the sake of accompanying you.. she'll do things to make u happy when ur sad and nt leave u when ur sad.

she's just the friend i have prayed for. =)
And I have finally found her. =)
Thank you so much for everything Wan Ching.!
I just want you to know that i am really thankful and blessed to have you as a friend. Really. =) i took pictures with her, finally! hahaha. she didn't like taking pictures. BUT NO WORRIES! with me always around, she'll so love taking pictures in no time! hahahahahah! =P
I'll introduce her to all of you soon! hahaha..

Anyways, sides that today has been a very nice day..
really.. Shawn called me at like 1am plus.. xD
talked to him on the phone..n then webcam with him..
while talking on the phone with him.. aka..
THE BIRTHDAY BOY! =) hahahaa...
Hope u had fun Shawn.. =)
Then i had a video call session with Aaron.P after that!
around.. 3am. LOL. yes i slept late yday..
coz i was waiting for my hair to dry and i wasn't sleepy.
dunno why.. =/ i think i was too tired untill i couldn't sleep edy. HAHA.
And he called me TWICE! from Aussie!
hahahaa.. coz i was talking really soft.. didn't want to wake Kim.
and he wanted to hear my voice clearly..
so again, the same thing. i webcam with him..
but talked to him on the phone at the same time. =P
hahahaha.. had so much fun. =)

Then suprisingly MalaySian Studies today was FUN.! =)
yeah! coz got debating going on and all!
i found class today interesting. xD =)
and after college i had business discussion..
and then Lyn Yie picked me up from the ktm around 4pm.. =)
ahhh i was carrying SUPER ALOT of things.. super heavy. T_T
my books piled up like.. as thick as a 15cm ruller.. or more than tht..
plus the books in my bag.. and the bag of clothes..
seriously. =( haha.. bt whtever la.

Then went to OU with Lyn Yie.
Suppose to watch Nightmare on Elm street but..
sadly the tickets cannot be used till next week..
when it is finally listed as free list movie.
so yeah. next week only can watch. so potong. blah.
but anyhoo! we ended up shopping.
well, he did! i just helped out.. ALOT. hahaa..
yeah.. helped him pick everything he bought. =)
SEE.! i've got good taste! hahaha. =P blek! xD
so yes i am finally home now..
and i am super tired...

so...........pictureees....... later. Haha.
ahhh.. i feel like sleeping..
but my dinner is on the way home..
and..... if i slept now.. i'd like wake up in the middle of the night..
and my biological clock would be ruined. =S
so yeah.. i must TAHAAAAAN!
and try my best not to sleep. =P

wait for my pictureeeeesss!!!

PS: The sky was so beautiful today.. in the morning. it was so BLUE! seriously. no photoshop or anything. Await those pictures too! =)


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