Saturday, May 08, 2010


WHOA.! celine yap just had an awesome friday! =)

hahaha.. despite that.. i woke up late..
all because my old phone.. sighs.. okay..
bout that old phone.. i repaired it..
and as you all know.. all my smses tht i kept since i was 15 vanished. =( and so.. mr.froggie said we can create new ones. :D so yeah i finally let go of all the old memories and finally moved on and created new memories! =) but then.. sighs..
yesterday, my phone low batt.. and then it died..
after i charge.. i tried to on it back..
but its completely totally dead. =(
i cant on it.. sighs.. =( again.. stupid weih..
i spend rm60 to repair the phone n now its spoilt again..
after only a month! gaaah. =( sighs..

so anyhoo.. my alarm is my old phone..
and new phone too.. but my new phone only rings for 30 mins..
and then it off itself. but my old phone will continue snoozing..
till i stop it.. so yeah.. i was really really tired yday..
dunno why.. and i didn't hear my alarm at all.. aihs..
and after 30 mins it stopped. =( so yeah..
i woke up at 10am. when my class IS at 10am on fridays.
so yeah i was late.. only went in during the break..

besides tht! everything else was good!
went to time square with wan ching..
to do a few stuffs.. went there to collect my specs..
yes.. i had to make new specs..
and yes i do have to wear specs. i just dont like wearing em.. =P
but yea la.. i had to wear since i was 12. but i hardly did..
i had 1 specs when i was 12 till 13. then.. i bought a new one..
wore it when i was 13 till i was 14.. n i rmb.. my bestie..
aka KMC broke it.. =.=! accidentally. so yeah..
made a new one when i was 14 to 15.. and used it till now..
tho.. when i was 16 and 17.. i can count..
with my fingers.. the amount of times i wore it..
coz firstly.. i dun like wearing specs.. so i ALWAYS sit infront..
so there wont be a need for me to wear em..
secondly! those specs crushes my eyelashes. =.=!
yeah.. its actually touches my eyelashes.. and its so annoying!
and uncomfortable.. so yeah i hardly wore em..
hahahhaa.. thats why most of you probably didn't know i wore specs.
i do have to wear them but not on a regular basis..
only when i need to focus on far objects..
or when im using the computer or smth.. haha..

SO YES. my power has changed..
my astigmatism only increased from 25 to 50 on right eye..
and my short sightedness has improved and now is only 25.
my left eye has higher astig.. which is 150.. and short sighted.. 25 also i think? hahaha.. so yeah.. improved! u see! hahaha.. so i actually think not wearing specs but only wear em when u need it is better.. i think more people get worse when they wear compared to those who dont? hahaa i dunno.. anyhoo.. i finally made new ones.. and yeah got em today. =P my specs are fully plastic-ed framed. i tried metal frames.. and half frames.. but i really dont suit those. =( so yeah.. i have those thick frames. lol! SODA brand and the sides are orange. =P i could have chosen grey,white,blue or orange. but i chose orange. looks funky. =D

and yeah..bought something for someone. =)
and also bought those casual dresses for me! hehe..
bought 2 of em! man! i finally got those kinda dresses! =)
those type where i wear for casual outings..
n not only for formal kinda.. event.. hehe.. awesome!

from time square rushed to bank before it closed!
hahaa.. i was like running coz it was gonna be 4. =P
then yeah rushed to kl sentral.. to catch the train to Mid V.
but it got delayed.. =.=! Zzz.. means i run for nth. hahaa..
reached mid valley.. did some stuffs and then met Nick!
hehe.. Watched iron man 2 with dii! =)
FINALLY found someone to watch iron man with me!
either they edy watch or dun like these kinda shows. =.=!
but then.. at the most exciting and awesome part of the show..
i had the urge to go pee. =P hahahahaha...
and i of course didn't go. hahaa.. how could i?!
so yeah wei.. after the show i was like omg omg TOILET!!!!!
hahahahahahahahahahaa....but it was a good show really!
hahahaa.. AND ALSO! i realized smth..
the first time i saw iron man i thought he was super cool!
but now.. i realize that he flies like a sissy/penguin! =.=
super girly LAH! the way he fly.. hahahahaha..
and i like how he does the peace sign!

hahahahaa.. then we took the ktm to kl sentral..
super pack.. delays hate em. geeeeeez!
then lrt was fine. =) hehe.. and yeah we reached AFC late. =(
sowee. =/ but yeah man!
i had a great day! hehe. =D
but im reaaaalllyyy tired right now. haha.. =P
so yeah! goodnight people! =)

Hope i have better dreams tonight.. =/
had a bad dream yday.. weird + scary. =S

awesome day = awesome dream?
HAHA. hope so! =)
pictures coming soon! =)


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