Monday, May 24, 2010

Noob only after 2 months!

Helloo.. =(

I finally drove a manual car again after 2 months..
and it was only 2 months..
and i sucked so badly. =(
Haihs.. feel so crappy and useless atm.

i was alright actually..
just that.. my engine died when i was the a hill..
i usually pull hand brake then balance and go..
but benson was like saying.. dun need!
just go!!!!!!!!! and i never done tht before..
or never learnt so before.. so.. my engine died..
when i decided to do wht he said.

and there were so many cars behind me..
but they were so nice to me. none of them honked at me..
at all.. although i took forever..
but still, i felt and still feel terrible. sighs. =(
Then benson asked me to get out of the car..
and then yeah.. he took over. sighs. T_T

i suck dont i? =( sighs..
i knew this would happen. sniffx..
i can drive auto.. but manual..
haizz.. i wont stop driving manual.
gonna make sure i master it then only drive auto..

Anyways enough about my failure in driving..
Had my mid term exam for Moral Studies today..
honestly? i wasn't ready. I planned to wake up early..
to study.. but i ended up waking up at 9.30am..
and i was so angry with myself for over sleeping. =.=!
i had a grumpy morning. =/ Anyways..
i was so tired.. i couldn't hear my hp alarm..

Felt kind nervous. coz.. its been a while since i've last sat for an exam.. the invigilators were scary.. and grumpy..=/ the only face smilling in the whole room was my lecturer. she gives me that motherly wibe and makes me feel like.. she's comforting me just by smilling. haha. =P im weird i know. =D but yeah anyways the minute i opened the exam paper i was like omggggggg nooooooooo.. xD the first few objective questions were hard! =( But after that i managed to do the rest and the essays turned out quite alright. i guess? but yeaaah. i finished the exam one hour earlier and left early..

supposed to go jogging at desa parkcity today..
with Benson.. but the minute i reached the ktm station..
it started to rain.. =( So Tak puas hati.. my plan tak jadi! Pfft!
Boooo~! so yeah ended up going to Jusco with Benson..
and he shopped.. and i bought some stuffs i needed to buy..
Hmmmm.. i've been lacking sleep alot lately..
and my mood has been pretty low lately..
Been thinking alottttt..! maybe too much? =P
But yehhhhhh.. thats abt wht has been going on with me..

And ahh.. Lucinda aka Cobaltviolet also kena spam with some chinese comment from "Me". I really dunno whats going on and what is happening and HOW its happening but i really cant do anything about it since i've totally no clue about whats going on. D: SORRY LUCINDA! hope nth happened to ur blog.. =(

AND. let me tell you about my ride home.
i took the ktm and this lady beside me.
OHHHHH EMMM GEEEEEE~! she was like..
and she wasn't that lil.. she was like really big sized..
and so almost half of my seat was taken over by her..
and she kept shaking her leg! and it got so annoying!
Dont laaaaaughhhhhhhh. D: its not funnyyyyyyyy~!

seriousllyyyyyyyy! u've no idea how annoying it was.
Pffft.! I officially dislike people shaking their legs today!
i was really tempted to just like use my hand and touch her thighs
and say.. KAK! boleh jangan goyang kaki tak?! in a nice way of course..
i even thought of shaking my leg like Crazie just to hint to her what she's doing to me. but i did none of that in the end. sad. x) but yeah! annoying seh!

ish.. so yeah. DONT SHAKE UR LEG when ur sitting next to me. I will so totally smack eu.! hahahaha.. well thats what i usually do to friends anyways. =P haha.. Kay larh.. i got my economics test to sit for tmr.. So.. Study timeee!

and i musssssstttt sleeeeeep more today!

PS: My super alot of pictures are actually already uploaded on my bloggie.. just that i havent published em yet coz.. quite a few more pictures are still not uploaded yet. Haha. So yeah.. Await meeeee! =))


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