Saturday, May 01, 2010


hello lovelaysss!!
its the first day of May!
*breathes* Can u smell that fresh fresh smell of the new month?
hahaa.. i dunno why but every time a new month arrives..
it feels like a new year to me. =)

I'd be teaching Hip Hop at Edupark Plaza Dance Academy tmr..
tho.. i still havent figured out wht to teach! =/
but no worries. i'll probably figure smth out by today.. =D
still thinking of which song to use tho..

tht song! "All I do is win"! its like haunting me.. hahaha..
the minute i woke up tht song kept playing in my head..
overrrrrr and overrrrrrrrr again!
who knows.. i might even use tht song for tmr.. hehe. =P

Today's the first Saturday in a very long time..
I have completely NOTHING to do! haha..
im usually super busy on saturdays.. dance..
band pracs and all.. but today.. completely nth!
maybe coz its Labour day.. =P
BUT yeah man. Im so free, i keep feeling as if i have smth to do but i just cant remember or i've forgotten or smth. hahaha..
hahaha okokok! i came on the com to choose a song to teach tmr.. but i got distracted and ended up blogging instead. Aha! =P Ciao peeps! =)


PS: Oooohhh Yeaaah! i've realized the amount of followers i have been getting over the week! its crazzzieeee! hahahaa.. from 40+ to now.. 69! Gosh! =) and i actually thought all these followers were some computer generated thingy tht accidentally spammed or followed my blog.. coz really i have been getting alot of spam comments on my previous blog entries and it is reaaaaaaaally annoying. =/ so i actually went to have a look at some of my followers and no! they're actually existing breathing humans just like me who also blogs! hahaa.. best part is! i've followers from all over the world! The US, Brazil, UK and all! hahaa.. i was suprised really! =) WELL. Thanks for following dear readers! :) whatever it is u find interesting in my blog. =P haha. =)

and thanks for the comments Kellz (US) and Serena aka BroadwayBaby (US) =)!


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