Saturday, May 22, 2010

Being Hacked?

Hello everyone..
I just found out that Me aka my blog,Celine Yap has been spamming chilly and vickie. I received a comment from a blogger, Chilly that i have been spamming him and he had reported me..

Vickie on the other hand said that i have left a comment on her blog and all her pictures disappeared after she tried to reply my comment in chinese or smth like that and when she copied the chinese comment (my comment was in chinese) I dont even know how to write or type or read chinese! T_T =( and yeah she translated it and it was abt porn and all those stuff.

oh my goodness. that is just super disgusting!
why would i say any of those? =(

sighs.. well at least i know what "I" have commented on Vickie's Blog but i still dont know what i have spammed Chilly with.

Both of them are complete strangers whom i dunno and have never seen their blog till now.. Seriously. Sighs. i dont even have time to upload pictures to my blog. Why in the world would i be so free to spam and hack people? =(

I really dunno whats going on at the moment but i just want to apologise for all the trouble and misunderstanding that has happened! =( I hope this will resolve soon, really. I'm a person who blogs alot and i understand what they feel. So i dont blame you Chilly for getting mad..

Anyhoo, I'm still waiting for your reply chilly.
To know what i have been spamming you with.
Do get back to me yeah?


  1. I got the crazy chinese from "you" too! Thanks for the explanation ... I guess if it's porn I should delete it. Though I don't think anyone I know can read Chinese!

    Good luck!

  2. Ahhhhh.. you too?! I'm so sorry Lucinda.. =( I cant read either. =( Do u still have the comment there? i'd like to see what "I" have been commenting or smth. =( thanks for understanding!