Saturday, May 29, 2010

Then Stop.

i hate how people treat you like their hotels.
they come to you only when they need you..
or if they're bored.. or if they have nothing else better to do..
or no one else to turn to.. ur like some spare tyre or smth?

It is very simple and it doesn't take rocket science to figure this out. If it has become a duty for you, THEN STOP.

these kind of things need no obligation or basically, IF YOU DONT FEEL LIKE DOING SO THEN DONT. whose forcing you? seriously.?

i seriously cannot take people who are not sincere.
people who just fake it. or do it just for the sake of doing so.
Am i like some charity to you or smth..? seriously?
I need no pity from u nor anyone for that matter.

Do u actually think that i share things with people just because i HAVE to? do you think i like sharing things with you because i NEED to? yes, i admit that i love sharing things with my friends. but its all only because i choose to do so. like i said, i can share a thousand things with a thousand people..but share a million more things with you.. but i can also choose to not share even a single word with you.

if its a duty to you, then i'd rather you not do it at all.

PS: sorry if i am not replying anyones smses at the moment. Sad to say that i'm in that state where i dont feel like sharing or talking to anyone about anything. at all. so yeah. My Apologies really. Alot has been going on and its not just merely about what i have blogged about in this entry. this is only part of the whole reason of me being the way i am.

I Hope ur happy.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I'm going through some hard times with people using me lately.... if you ever want to talk, or if you ever just need a little cheering up, Ill always be here (: At:
    Keep toughing it out, girl.