Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crappy day.. =(

Sighs just had one of those crappy days when everything doesnt go ur way and everythings just the total opposite... D: my week hasn't been pretty thus far.. =(

but lemme just talk about today..

After Law class i planned to go timesquare to watch Nightmare on Elm Street with Ching.. coz last week when i planned to go with Lyn they said the movie wasn't on the free list movies listing ticket yet.. so they said only next week we can use the tickets.. so went to the monorail station.. tried to use my touch n go but it couldn't work.. =( so the security dude asked me to check my credit with the counter. n the counter said that their machine is spoilt and therefore they cannot check. so then.. i had to buy a ticket.Sighs. i just reloaded rm20 u noe.. =( and i only used it twice which suppose to only cost me rm2.60! sighs.. anyways.. reach timesquare after class to catch the 2.15pm show to find out that they said we STILL cannot use the tickets because its still not on the free list stupid.. sighs..

so yeah ate lunch with ching..
i wanted to save money so i decided to eat mixed rice..
instead of all those claypot stuffs.. and all..
guess wht? i took one tau fu,one fu chok and one dunno whts tht fried stuffs.. and they charged me rm6.67! like WTH?! sighs.. and the food tasted like crap. seriously.

D: so yeah.. felt even more.. Zzz..
so wan ching had to ciao coz she needed to do smth initially..
but since i asked her to go watch she came..
bt since we cant she had better go get her stuffs done.
so yeah.. since janning n benson n janning's friends were in Sg.Wang..
i decided to go look for them since i couldn't do anything else..
almost watched a movie alone. Nvr done tht before. =P
then yeah all the timing nt right.. even felt like going home..
bt i would have no one to fetch me home from ktm..
and i dun wanna waste money on taxi.. so yeah.. sighs..
so went there.. it took me 45 minutes abt there to actually find them..
coz i sesat in sg wang.. =.= they were at 6th floor..
when i finally reach 6th floor.. they went back to the place i was..
originally.. =.=!!!!!!!

then walk walk a while.. i actually damn tired..
then they say wanna go Pavillion.. T_T
so yeah.. i decided to go back to college to study..
and wait for dad and go back with him..
so as i was at college.. Jia Yi suddenly called me..
and say Kok Sime can fetch me from ktm..
so at the same time i went to KL sentral to check whats wrong with my touch n go. and it was about 4.50pm.. and my train is at 5.16pm..
so i was really rushing.. i ran to touch n go place..
and had to take a number.. Zzz.. so waited..
and btw, THEY'RE SO SLOW! T_T
well well whats new ey? so anyways..
when it was finally my turn i found out that..
RM16.50 have been deducted from my card..

why? coz on monday it seems that i touched the sensor twice.. and IT WAS ONLY BECAUSE.. the first time i touch the thing, the barrier did not open. so the security dude asked me to try again.. n BECAUSE OF THAT, i was charged a penalty of RM16.50! my goodness! thats just very.. unnecessary and unreasonable. =.=! Zzz.. got charged for smth that wasnt my fault! Pfft!! so i had to fill in some complain form and they said i have to wait for 1 month to get my refund. then i said WHOA! That Long?! and then the girl said, "eh wait, u used ktm right? oh sorry, ktm is longer and slower. u have to wait for 2 MONTHS to get ur refund." WTH?!? sighs. damn stupid la. so anyways, the girl took her ON SWEET TIME to process my stuff coz she's like some noob..some new worker. so as she served me she is like learning. Zzz.. so anyways i finished at 5.10pm and ran to the KTM ticket counter. as i was running, i have no idea how or why my books suddenly dropped. everything that was in my hand dropped to the floor.. and i had to pick em all up ONE BY ONE! Which made me even slower!! ahhhhhhhh... and everyone was just staring at me. =.=....................

felt so crappy. geez. In the end, i got to catch the train.
coz i ran like some Mad Dog. pfft.
reached ktm around 5.45pm?
And i dunno how in the world i ended up banging my head on some iron bar. GAAAAAAAH. by that time i couldn't care less about anything else or whether my head was in pain or anything. Sighs. and kok sime only came at 6.13pm like dat.. coz he was changing his car tyres and he didn't know it would take him that long. so yeah.. i just waited.. anyways.. had dinner with them and manage to catch up after quite a long time.. it was nice. seriously. they made my day less crappy.

so yeah man. geez. this is, my 26th May 2010.
what a day eyh?
what a day..

Tomorrows the last chance.
The one and only chance left.
We'll see.

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