Sunday, May 09, 2010

My awesome friday and saturday! =)

I woke up late and so i hung out with Kim for a while before i went to class. =)
then went to time square and later on to mid valley and met this boy here! hahahaha.. =)
We watched iron maaaan 2!!!!!! =D =D =D
haha.. great show and i had an AWESOME time!!! =))))
and i kena tipu from him again.. =.=! 10 mins before the movie he told me he was still stuck in puchong coz of the jam and i believed him coz it was like almost peak hour time..
so i sat in the bowling alley and read the newspaper i got from coll..
and suddenly i see a shadow of a hand waving from behind..
even before i turned behind i already knew whose shadow tht was.. =.=!
hahahaa... YOUUUU! x) tell me to trust u nowadays?! hahahahahaa. =P
but nevertheless u always nvr fail to suprise me. =)
hahaha stupid face. xD do i look constipated? lmao!
=) waiting for the delayed train!
Bt we were so concentrated and distracted by taking pics till the delay didn't felt long. time was the only thing that flew. =)
AND thenn the train came. hahahahaa...
hahahahaha. i like this picture!! =)

oh my my! their ROTI TELUR WAS AWESOMEE! serious. i need to go back there to have roti telur again! =)

then we went to AFC.! =)
hahaha. APUNENE~! xD
betul! finally found the right direction for good lighting. =P
Thanks for the great day Dii! haha.. =) i had so much funnn! and cheek pains also! =P hahahaa... My Laugher.. =) *huggggs!*
and lookie lookie!! MY PURPLE FWENDSS! hahahaha..
YUP! so happen they were wearing purple too! =)
and we have the same shoes! O.O! haha...
and yesh. Pictures of me in my new specs. =D

i chose orange! =) there were white,blue,grey,orange. but the orange was the best! =)

hehhe. =) so yeah! that was my awesome friday! =)


Din get to go for dance coz had no transport. =( but anyhoo, i send my old phone for repair and seems tht the on and off button is spoilt so yeah nt software prob again. phewh! =) then went to JESSICA'S bday! =) at their hse in Ken Damansara I! then around 5 pm i had to ciao coz i already had plans with Ah Sun Jie. =) met her in tropicana city mall and we went to Bangsar to pick up SULEKA! =) yup her friend. hahaha.. which is also now my friend! :D
then we came here! =) for dinner. hehe.. its in bangsar too.. really cool place!
the settings are lovely and pwetty!!!

meet SULEKA! =)
chinese + Indian! hahaa really fun girl to be with. =)
Ah Sun Jie. =)
yes yes i know imma pro PHOTOGRAPHER right? hehe. =P
cool right?! =)

NICE! =)
Pizza! cheesy cheesy one!
Hwaaaaaaaah! =D
this thing here people, its the BOMB MAN!
hahahahahah! omg! my face! lmao!

Check out the faces! hahahahahaha!

hahahaa.. SYIOOOOOKKKKKK! =)

so yep! that was my awesome friday and saturday! hahaha.. today,Mother's day! had another awesome day.. =))) and of course took a bunch of pictures! hahaha.. but i'll save that for the next entry. =)

now, i really need some sleep! =P
So Goodnight! =))



  1. These are all the nice and scrumptious meal and all the dishes are delicious and sumptuous, with the combination of love and inter-harmony as well. :)

  2. hahaha delicious alright! =)