Saturday, May 15, 2010

End of the week already?!

Hey heyyyy.!
ahh man.. its FRIDAY already.. O.O
i dont know why.. but i really felt as if ..
this week flew by so quickly.. i cant even really rmb wht happened this week. O.O again, i feel so lost in time.. as if time's running faster than i am..

but seriously.. i haven't digest this week..
at all.! and suddenly its friday already..
but since its like 12am now.. its SATURDAY! already!
haha.. gosh... =/

hmm lets see wht i did this week..
Monday i had moral, met a new friend.. and yeah i blogged on monday about the good news and bad news.. tuesday.. i..... was at college early? and so i studied and taught economics to two of my classmates and im really glad they could understand in the end.. =) and economics class was really tensed tht day.. that time flew by superrrrrrrr fast!

wednesday.. i had law class..
went to timesquare with wan ching after class to get my specs fixed!
yeahhh my specs .. sighs. retarded. unbalanced..
well at first i thought it was my ears.. or rather..
i wasn't used to wearing specs..
but after ban ho tried it, it was confirmed tht the specs was retarded.
pfft.. had to go all the way there again just to get it fixed..
also found out that my specs frame..
the nose area size is actually size 18..
which is like super huge! i should be wearing a size 13..
and all the dude could say was..
"Oh yeah.. i forgot to tell you about the size thing." *grins* =D
i was like..................... =.=........................ such an important thing..
how could he have forgotten? ish...
coz my specs frame is plastic and the nose area cant be adjusted..
but ahh i'll get used to it sooner or later..
i DO prefer this frame compared to all the other frames there anyway..

after timesquare i met up with Janning in mid valley!
got to catch up and hang out again after so long..
and yes.. i talked. ALOT. =P
and we watched the premier of THE BOUNTY HUNTER!
hehe.. funny movie.. tho, FURRY VENGEANCE IS DA BOMB YO!
seriously totally! =P hahahaa... my favourite line..
from the bounty hunter was..
"And your the guy who couldn't decide on what colour to wear and decided to wear them all!"
hahahaha.. both of us laughed like crazy at this part.. and Janning kept smacking me for laughing!!!! ishhhhhhhh! *stares* hahahahaa...

so yea had fun. =) tho, i was seriously worn out!
thursday. hmmmmm.. i had class from 9am till 5pm!
was a long long and tiring day.
supposed to have breakdance training but it got canceled..
sighs, i was so looking forward to it.. =(
OH YESH! thursday aka yesterday was my emo day..
yeah.. it was just another one of my emo days..
guess i was disappointed.. and was thinking alot that day..
and i was tired.. and it was raining seriously heavy..
and i was waiting for dad in college.. so yeah..
i was so free.. i just stared out into the pouring rain..
and the rain inspired me to write. =)
so yeah, the end result? my previous entry.
hahaa.. now even when I read it back.. its really emo-fied.=P
but yeah.. i did not stop and think..
i was emo-ing and so all the words and everything just flowed.
=) hmm.. writing sometimes IS nice after all. =)

today, another long and tiring day.. class ended at 1pm.
but dads car also spoilt.. so yeah.. 2 cars spoiled now. =.=!...
sighs. and so i had to wait in college till 6pm for dad..
so i studied and finished my assignments and all..
and followed bro and dad to gym just nw..
found out.. truly.. that.. i, celine yap kah may..
IS FAT.! ahh yess. i am fat! D: like seriously.
jokes asside. for my height and age..
i'm considered fat.. =( i did the fat percentage..,
body mass and all test. so yeah.. conclusion.
yes, i may look average.. but truth is i am fat..
so yeah.. from now on.. i gotta start watching wht i eat and drink.

i ran 6km and cycled 4km just now. =P
but guess what?! when i ran 4km i only burnt..
150 calories! which equals to a cup of MILO ICE!
oh my goodness! O.O milo ice.. = 150 calories!
and milo ice happens to be my favourite drink! =(
nooo more milo ice for me anymore.. =((((
after realizing how HARD it is to lose those calories..
you'll seriously start to watch and be careful of wht u consume.
seriously man.. hahaha.. easy to put on.. tough to lose.

the total opposite of money!
easy to spend, hard to earn! =P
so yeah.. it was a guest pass so i could join them today.,
while waiting for mum to finish work so we could go back with her.
joined some.. body combat workout too! its..
really.. weird + funny + tiring. hahahaa..
i should join more of these classes. they're fun! =P
ahhh.. lucky benroy.. can go gym whenever he likes..
coz he's a member at fitness first. =(
i'd love to go to the gym everyday! =(
u know.. its so much easier running or cycling 4km on those machines compared to doing it in real life! although, i do agree that running outdoors are much much more fun and nicer.. since im a nature lover.. but yeah.. its sooooooo much easier working out with those machines. really.

gonna miss dance class again tmr..
sighs.. no transport. =(
i miss going to celica's class..its been so long since! =(
anyhoo.! another long day ahead tmr!
and i'm really super tired now..
hahaha.. the workout was satisfying..
but im like.. zombified now.. @_@

and still, i cant believe its the end of the week already! =X


how i wish.. =/


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  2. Hey, I totally understand about the time running away from yourself kind of thing. My college semester is almost ending and it really has made me think about how I should go about life next semester. And btw, I'm sure your friends appreciate the help with Economics because I took a class on Economics this year and it was sooo hard! I know I would have appreciated the extra help. Good luck with college and the rest of your semester. Visit my blog and leave a comment if you like. I try to update often.

  3. Joven: Heya! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. =)

    Laura: Hey laura! i visited ur blog. u have a nice bloggg! =) Really colourful. hahahaa.. Thanks for dropping by.. =)