Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good news Bad news

Heya! my day.. a pretty interesting one.. =)
good news and bad news. haha..

well.. bad news..
i forgot i had my business group discussion at 10am today..
so i only reached coll at 11am..
and good news was.. i wasn't really late for anything.. haha..

good news, i sorted something out with someone today.. =)
so we're good.. another thing off my chest! phewh!

good news! got back test results!
teacher was calling out the names of the top scorers ..
and i was one of em! hehe.. =)
for objective i got 44 out of 50.. wasn't the highest.. =P
someone got 50/50. hahaha.. but i got the highest marks for essay. =)
got 43/50. =P so yeah.. pretty happy bout tht.. =D

good news! met a new friend today. =)

good news! moral class ended early today coz i managed to finish my group assignment really quickly.. so yep. my group got to go home early.. hehe.. =) but it makes no diff for me.. i only got to go home at 6pm plus.. coz thats when dad finishes his work..

Bad news.. felt like vomiting the whole day..
my food is like.. stuck at my throat area..
cant seem to go down.. =(
makes me feel so sick. =.=! makes me feel as if..
i can vomit any second nw.. hehs.. still am feeling this way.. D:

Bad news.. had breathing difficulty the whole day today. =(
its so hard to breathe. even now.. =(

so the minute i came home i slept.. din go out for dinner with family.. and i slept till 10.50pm and i woke up when my aunt screamed at me. =.=..........coz the electricity of my whole housing area got cut off.. and it was dark and all.. so my aunt came to my room/her room and shined the torchlight towards my bed.. she didn't realize my presence.. lawl.. she din know there was a body there and then she suddenly saw hair.. so she screamed and got shocked. =.=! like i was some ghost. LMAO! hahahahahahahhaaa....

anyways.. i had to bathe cold water.. freezing cold water! =( and i planned to study and online a bit .. but i didn't expect to have slept untill THAT late.. and also obviously didn't expect the electricity to go off. =/ but yeahs.. all's good now.. the electric came back at 1am.. hahaha..i kinda liked it when the electric went off tho. with candles lit up and all.. and u can feel nth but the night breeze. its been a while since i had smth like that. i actually like atmospheres like these. cozy and all. haha.. made me realize how addicted,attached and reliable humans are on electricity. especially when BENSON was screaming and all.. like.. AHHHHHHHH WHY NO ELECTRICCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? hahahaa... its good sometimes to be stripped from what we have to realize certain things. =)

felt better after waking up.. could breathe properly.. but then grandma asked me to eat at least a lil bit.. so that i wont get gastric.. and now the food is stuck there again and i cant breathe properly. feel so uncomfortable. sighs. dunno how im gonna sleep later.. =(

so yeah tht was my day.. haha...
ahh.. economics class tmr..
Mr.Aria will so bully me again.. T_T
he likes to kacau/kena/disturb me! =/
even when i do nth wrong he just HAVE to at least call out my name at least once during class.. hahahaha.. aih.. and yeah.. many of my ex-classmates had their orientation today.. coz most em are going to the same coll aka TARC college. everyones REALLY gonna be busy now..

and my mid term exam for moral studies is in like 2 weeks!
so yeah need to study.. hahah.. college a-lvls..
honestly? theres nvr a time when u dont have to study..
the schedule is so pack.. =P

haha so yeah.. i btr go study my economics nw..
=) cant sleep anyways.. tho its like 1.35am nw..
slept alot just now + i feel super uncomfortable.
cant breathe properly. chest feels so heavy.. =(
pray for meeee!!!



  1. Hi, I just want to say that I really enjoy your blog ! I don't understand everything because my english is not perfect, but i like it, and your pictures are great !

  2. heyy! =) welcome! haha thanks.. glad you enjoy my blog.. tho somtimes i dont really understand wht all my followers enjoy about.. hahaa.. but thanks yeah! =) your from FRANCE i see? =)ur english seems perfectly fine to me.. =D


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