Friday, July 24, 2009

Whaaaa-ddduup?! =D

hewo hewo!

u know, not having to wait for the bus to go tuition is awesome! xD
been getting that alot lately. yay!
last saturday, i waited for the bus for half an hour and the bus still didn't show. suddenly wai king, parkson and wee kee passed by in a black toyota vios. and slowed down and waved. so i waved back. hahaa. suddenly kah fai and jia yi passed by too! and slowed down and waved. then i mouthed. "Cai Wo!" xD and they stopped. WHEE~! =) =) =)

so kah fai fetched me to tuition. mwahahaha.
And jia yi said : Wai king so sui la, pass by and see u also nvr fetch u.

hahahahaha. but wai king fetched me to tuition before. =)
Anyways.. that night.. wai king so cute la.
he msged and said sorry for not fetching me. =.=!
its not even his responsibility or anything. hahaa...
but i felt.. awwwwwwwwww.... sho nice.
and he kept apologizing and i said.
"nvm larh. in future sure u'll see me at the bus stop again. xD"

GUESS WHAT?! the very next day..
i waited for the stupid bus for one hour and a half and when it was at the traffic light where i could finally see the bus it friggin broke down! OH-EM-GEE?!! i was like.. T_T.. =( and so many aunty kept asking me to share taxi fare. but i dun wan. ex ex ex. i needa save save save. and i kept telling myself. "NVM. PATIENCE PAYS OFF!" i din know why. but i kept telling myself to be patient. SUDDENLY. a Black Toyota Vios Passed by and stopped right infront of the bus stop. OMG WHEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!

guess who, guess who?! it was Wai King to the rescue! whee~!
bwahahaha! =) =) yay yay yay! kesian the other people waiting tho.
but ahh. i felt so happy. hahaha. patience really DOES pay off. =D

and today Gary boy fetched me to tuition. =D
and AFC canceled coz no place to prac.
last minute cancel. so i ran to the bus stop.
hoping i didn't miss the bus. if not i'd have to wait till 7.30pm ++
And guess wht?! the minute i reached the bus stop the bus came. =)
dont u just love moment like these? haha. =D


Anyways. something came to my mind today.

Okay. So what if u got whacked by someone, would u ask your pals to whack back the guy for pay back? or chase the guy and catch him so that he would get caught?
What if someone shot ur beloved ones with a gun. Would u shoot back the dude or just leave it be?

obviously most of us would run after the guy tht whacked us or shoot back the guy who shot our beloved. But is this what we odd to be doing? hmmm.

REVENGE. is sweet.
or so they say. haha.
Human nature that is.

but i guess, the right thing would be the hardest thing to do. and that is, to walk away from a fight and to leave it all to God and have faith that one day, Judgement day will come.

when someone slaps u on the right cheek, wht would u do? =P

Have a great weekend hunnays! =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sugar We're Going Down Swinging~

Haha, just got pictures from Chi Wing! =)

Pictures of us at Desa Parkcity! =)

lol! haha.. on the way there

Kok Sime decided to fly solo~

Sun Set!

haha. Mwhs!

Take 1. =D

Take 2.

Take 3. O.o?! hahah.

The pathway i like! =)

lol. the underwear shape. haha.

Use timer k! not bad right. haha. =) love the last picture! ;)

So besides tht. I tried 2 dresses that belonged to my aunt when she was super young. She's in Hong Kong now. lol. =P
Dress No.1 ! z Cheong Sam!

The dress and pattern and design so pwetty! =)

Dress No.2 ! =)
When i first saw the dress in the plastic i was like eyer. must be those super old looking aunty dresses. But i tried anyways. and Va Lah~!

Not bad after all! in fact i like this one more than the cheong sam! hahaha. i love the sleeves especially! =D

alrighty. i'm off to bed! =) and i'm waiting for pictures from u jovenne! =P

- Baby Steps! - =]

Jogging makes me feel GOOD. =D


Just got back from jogging with Jia Yi , Kok Sime and Chi Wing. We went and came back from Desa parkcity by Foot! x)

Anyways, it was fun. =D And i really didn't mean to rampas ur HP!
Now i feel kinda bad. nyahahaha.
give u back tmr larh.

Neways, some pictures from Sunday. =)

JJ kecoh behind. xD

No idea why there two yellow lines there. =X

The friday before, Kim came to my house! yay! =) and then we went to IKEA together with Benson and he fetched me to AFC after tht. =) taught them my choreography! i'm glad they're catching up pretty fast! I hope u guys practised! See you tomorrow! =) and get ready to learn the second part. =D

Kim has been coming all the way to kepong every monday to teach me addmaths man! Awww. =) really appreciate it darlyn! isly! =)

anyways my week has been alright.
School was a bore this week. coz they kept having rehearsal for Cocuriculum Day tomorrow. so yeah, coz i'm one of the students gettin certificates, i had to sit in the hall and watch the whole rehearsal till it was our turn to go up on stage to get our certs. =.=.. Zzz.

Highlight of my week!
I finally remembered that feeling i had months before my PMR exam. And dont get me wrong, IT FEELS GOOD! =) coz i've been Seriously studying. Both in school and at home. as in, my day,totally filled with studying. hahaaa. i wake at 5am. Study. School.Home.Study Group / study alone, Dinner, Homework, Study,Sleep and the whole process repeats. sounds boring, but i do have days like thursdays for jogging and saturdays after 6.30pm to do whtever i want and Sunday as well. so i'd say its properly balanced and good time management. haha. i get that satisfied feeling everytime i accomplish alot of things in one day. =) my trials is a month away! i soooo totally gotta Jia You! =)

and alot of people in my class have been falling sick.
Jian Yi, Di Shen, TC , Lyn, Chi Wing. GET WELL SOON! =)

Do you actually live your everyday to the fullest?
Well, you should!
We all should. =)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Premier of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

In My Previous entry i mentioned.. that "I got it"
YESH YESH YESH! I got premier tickets to watch Harry Potter and the Half blood prince! woot~!! so did Benroy. mwahahahaha! so we had 8 tickets. =D whee~! We got to watch the movie 2 days earlier than everyone else! nyahahaha. =P

Anyways.. Marilyn came..

Then boon sin's mum fetched us to the Ktm. Boon sin likes to take candid pictures. xD
Weng yee came after a while. =)

At this point of time, they were teasing me about my shoulder. =.= saying i wear very sexy and all. teruknye! when i wear bare back or spaghetti stripe they say nth. but when i cover everything else and show my shoulder only they go like "Wooooo~" =.=! and boon sin said my shoulder was very shiny.. and he called it Golden shoulder or smth. =.=! no comment! ahahaha..

We were the most bising people on the Ktm. nyahaha. we literally laughed all the way till we reached mid valley. haha.

when we reached, we passed by alot of sign boards. And... =.=

haha. Posers. xD boon sin went like "Eh eh! his camera and mine same!" lol! =.=

This very picture reminds me of one picture me,kim and karyn took on the escalator in city square! haha i'll post tht up next and compare em.=P

Then i met up with Kim! whee~!

And we I finally got to try the oh-so-famous 1901 hot dog! yummm~!

Its nice! the first thing tht caught my nose sensors were the smell of these hot dogs. hahaha. =P

went to the cinema area and like, WHOA.?! hahaha. there loadsa people. there was this counter filled with people wearing the "CHECKER" statement shirt. apparently they are the peeps who were suppose to collect all our handphones and cameras and stuffs. and there was the Hitz booth and ERA too. collected tickets and there were announcements saying.. "To all those who are here for the premier of HP 6 pls hand in all electronics to the counter before entering". WAAAAAAAAH?! and there were more than 50 RELA guards everywhere! =X Alien vs monsters and terminator premier wasnt THAT grand yo. plus the tickets are really cool! hehe.



I dunno why but his pose here reminded me of Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. when Hiro would say "YATA~!" xD my bad. been watching heroes alot lately. =P


Marilyn and Aaron.

The peeps.

ooh ya! there were ppl dressed up as harry potter characters but i must say. the coloured hair spoiled everything. =P

Hand phone redemption and all. lol

all electronics cant wei. even hp without camera also cant. hmm. weird. So after giving in our stuffs. when we wanted to enter. suddenly we saw the walkway to the cinema filled with RELA guards. like. theres a red carpet and guards were on both sides in one line. and before we could go to tht walkway, they had those electronic scanners to scan our body if we tried to slip in anything. u know, those scanners police use or at the air port perhaps? hahaha. scary! but cool in a way. xD after kena scan, have to check bag again. =.=........ anyways. in the begining of the movie, there was a special msg from Emma,Rupert and Daniel! =D whee~! hahaha.

they said stuffs like, "Sry we couldn't be there, but we hope u will enjoy the special screening of HP 6" nyahaha. overall, the movie was awesome! =D WAY BETTER THAN THE 5TH ONE MIND YOU. =P after the movie we had to go collect our stuffs. we left the cinema late and saw SUPER ALOT of people lining up to get theirs already. O.O! but i must say. it was all well planned. they had different rows for different numbers. haha. i got the shortest line. =D and the RELA guards were really nice and kind. they spoke to u nicely tho it was so late d. and smile and all. they werent grumpy at all. =) and they asked us to check or make sure it was ours instead of rushing us. ya noe? =D nice ppl. but nevertheless..

we all dun like handing in our handphones and all. and having to collect them back yeah? hahahahaa.. it made me realize how we people are so attached to our handphones nowadays. =P

so yeah man. that was my day. really enjoyed it. =)
gtg iron my uniforms! =X =P =D