Monday, July 06, 2009

When Silence falls..

i've got a confession.
i'm not good at working things out with my grandmother. =.=
whenever theres a conflict..
both of us fall in silence..
and i'm not like benson..
i cant just make everything okay in like a few minutes by going up to her and hugging her and being all lovey and manja.
i just cant do tht with her. =.= it'll be so fake if i did.
i dunno why but its just so hard to settle things with her.

it has always been that way.
and at moments like these.. i feel like a total stranger.

sigh. dunno la.
i'm not a person who knows how to "tam hui" you..

Some things nvr change.
I always have this question in my heart..

--- --?


  1. pfft. she's always lidat la.
    nothing we can do to make it change. and you know for what reason benson dun kena as much as we do la har. not only like u said..
    jz leave it la..she wan lidat then lidat loh. when she ok she will start communicate.

  2. hugs??
    dont be like benson.
    so fake

    ltr when he sees this, im gonna kena slap