Thursday, July 02, 2009


I cant write everything down in the card. it'll nvr end!
So i'll just finish your birthday card with this entry. ;)

Hahaha! i rmb putting this picture for his birthday last year! u can go check. 2nd july 2008. =P Jian look so boy boy here! hahahaa.. k la.. this year give u more YENG picture! =P

Fuyooh~! sangat MAN already this year. hahahahaa...

NOT! =P jkjkjk. =P hehe..

Well wht can i say about Jian?

He is SHY.
The first time we met in school.. he was super shy even though 1 month had passed. but now.. Huh.. the most bising person on earth! x) haha. its a good thing. =D

He is MANJA.!
See. he super manja-ed by us ler. and his family also. nyahahahaha. =P See..! kah fai feeding him. hahaa. awww. =P

I think kah fai fed him wasabi. HAHA. =X

You were my first close friend in SMKSB. =)
U were the first friend i shared my rants and problems with.
the starting of the year in KL for me was really rough.. with my grandma's operation going on with alot of other pressure and stress. =/ But you were there. =)

He like to smile like that xD

He is also actually very vain one. =P hahahaha.

He likes to SLEEP.!

see! sleep again. =.=! hahaha.. actually he doesn't like taking pictures. but whoever becomes my friend cannot run away from my camera one. hehe. =D

A taekwondo person.~!

A very tall guy. =/

He smile alot. but he dont like to smile in pictures! =.=

But i always make him smile in the end. hehe. =D

Jian is a good boy. LITERALLY. =) But he is not those book worm or nerds. haha. he is a good friend and a smart ass! =P he is a lovable person and all the above! hahaha..

Jian, thanks for always being there since the begining of last year till now. =) thanks for being super gentlemen and help me carry my stuff whenever them teachers talk non-stop at the assembly. =.=! Zz. Thanks for trusting me. =D Thanks for coming to EMERGE 2008 to support me during my cheerleading competition. thanks for teman-ing me during rehat. LAST TIME. xD now u always bring food from home. =( no more teman. xD thanks for the pancakes i steal from yah. bring more ya! xDDD jkjk. (but seriously, u owe me pancakes.. rmb? =P ) thanks for the pearl tea u belanja-ed me, thanks for teaching me. sometimes. x) Thanks for walking back with me whenever u not taking wilson's car. its so much better than walking home alone! =) Thanks for always coming my blog and read sambil hear my playlist songs untill u got influenced to like David Archuleta's songs! NYAHAHAHAH! =P Thanks for just being there. A loyal friend indeed. =) its funny how the "yap famiwee" thingy in class brought u,me and kok sime much closer. hahaa. =P

Love ya loads Jian! =)
You know we ALL do. haha. =D

Happy Blessed 17th Dear Jian.! =)
* ur gonna have a blast in school later. =D *

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