Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I had a good day. =)

i look sho.. =_= was very tired. =.=!
I've had a good day. =)
but that doesnt mean things are cleared between me and her.
its still going on. that cold war.. zzz..
I keep trying but u still wanna merajuk like dat..
i'm running out of options or ideas..
but i'll keep doing wht i always do.
something which i just didn't do for u ONCE..
that started all of this crap.
but i'll keep doing it anyways.
whether u put my effort to waste anot.. i wont care..
and i dont wanna care anymore.
U wanna continue merajuk.. and ignore me.. so be it larh.

I GOT IT! oooh~! I GOT IT!
Thank u God. =)
i'll let u know what i got after the 14th of July. ;)

some might have already guessed/know what i got. but till then. Shhh. =)

love the new songs on my blog?
i know i do. =D hee.
i know kim does too. =)

Life Goes On.
Its only a matter of whether YOU are willing to go on.
And i'm deciding to go on.
Pray For Me. =)

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