Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jogging makes me feel GOOD. =D


Just got back from jogging with Jia Yi , Kok Sime and Chi Wing. We went and came back from Desa parkcity by Foot! x)

Anyways, it was fun. =D And i really didn't mean to rampas ur HP!
Now i feel kinda bad. nyahahaha.
give u back tmr larh.

Neways, some pictures from Sunday. =)

JJ kecoh behind. xD

No idea why there two yellow lines there. =X

The friday before, Kim came to my house! yay! =) and then we went to IKEA together with Benson and he fetched me to AFC after tht. =) taught them my choreography! i'm glad they're catching up pretty fast! I hope u guys practised! See you tomorrow! =) and get ready to learn the second part. =D

Kim has been coming all the way to kepong every monday to teach me addmaths man! Awww. =) really appreciate it darlyn! isly! =)

anyways my week has been alright.
School was a bore this week. coz they kept having rehearsal for Cocuriculum Day tomorrow. so yeah, coz i'm one of the students gettin certificates, i had to sit in the hall and watch the whole rehearsal till it was our turn to go up on stage to get our certs. =.=.. Zzz.

Highlight of my week!
I finally remembered that feeling i had months before my PMR exam. And dont get me wrong, IT FEELS GOOD! =) coz i've been Seriously studying. Both in school and at home. as in, my day,totally filled with studying. hahaaa. i wake at 5am. Study. School.Home.Study Group / study alone, Dinner, Homework, Study,Sleep and the whole process repeats. sounds boring, but i do have days like thursdays for jogging and saturdays after 6.30pm to do whtever i want and Sunday as well. so i'd say its properly balanced and good time management. haha. i get that satisfied feeling everytime i accomplish alot of things in one day. =) my trials is a month away! i soooo totally gotta Jia You! =)

and alot of people in my class have been falling sick.
Jian Yi, Di Shen, TC , Lyn, Chi Wing. GET WELL SOON! =)

Do you actually live your everyday to the fullest?
Well, you should!
We all should. =)