Sunday, July 05, 2009


thank you kimmy baby for calling me and talking to me till i felt better.
ur credit must have been.. =/ ..... sry..
thank u thank u so much. i really appreciate every second we had on the phone. My one and only twin.. i so love you.. Cant wait to see u again.. and hug u like theres no tmr.

thanks lyn yie..
for being there for me..
tho u think ur not good at comforting people u actually did comfort me..
thanks yea.

Thanks chi wing for being a listening ear.
and understanding so well tho i havent told u wht happen.
true friends are true friends.

Thanks daddy and mummy for calling.
lol pa, u called coincidentally at the right time.
mummy thanks for calling after ur work tho i din ask u too.
i love and miss u both alot alot alot alot!

thank u God for sending these people.


  1. haha. i love you too! <33

  2. God loves you too and He always sends the best in our time of need. He is forever faithful.

  3. what happened???????

    eh go visit my blog la.
    got another dumb vid. hahhaha