Friday, July 24, 2009

Whaaaa-ddduup?! =D

hewo hewo!

u know, not having to wait for the bus to go tuition is awesome! xD
been getting that alot lately. yay!
last saturday, i waited for the bus for half an hour and the bus still didn't show. suddenly wai king, parkson and wee kee passed by in a black toyota vios. and slowed down and waved. so i waved back. hahaa. suddenly kah fai and jia yi passed by too! and slowed down and waved. then i mouthed. "Cai Wo!" xD and they stopped. WHEE~! =) =) =)

so kah fai fetched me to tuition. mwahahaha.
And jia yi said : Wai king so sui la, pass by and see u also nvr fetch u.

hahahahaha. but wai king fetched me to tuition before. =)
Anyways.. that night.. wai king so cute la.
he msged and said sorry for not fetching me. =.=!
its not even his responsibility or anything. hahaa...
but i felt.. awwwwwwwwww.... sho nice.
and he kept apologizing and i said.
"nvm larh. in future sure u'll see me at the bus stop again. xD"

GUESS WHAT?! the very next day..
i waited for the stupid bus for one hour and a half and when it was at the traffic light where i could finally see the bus it friggin broke down! OH-EM-GEE?!! i was like.. T_T.. =( and so many aunty kept asking me to share taxi fare. but i dun wan. ex ex ex. i needa save save save. and i kept telling myself. "NVM. PATIENCE PAYS OFF!" i din know why. but i kept telling myself to be patient. SUDDENLY. a Black Toyota Vios Passed by and stopped right infront of the bus stop. OMG WHEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!

guess who, guess who?! it was Wai King to the rescue! whee~!
bwahahaha! =) =) yay yay yay! kesian the other people waiting tho.
but ahh. i felt so happy. hahaha. patience really DOES pay off. =D

and today Gary boy fetched me to tuition. =D
and AFC canceled coz no place to prac.
last minute cancel. so i ran to the bus stop.
hoping i didn't miss the bus. if not i'd have to wait till 7.30pm ++
And guess wht?! the minute i reached the bus stop the bus came. =)
dont u just love moment like these? haha. =D


Anyways. something came to my mind today.

Okay. So what if u got whacked by someone, would u ask your pals to whack back the guy for pay back? or chase the guy and catch him so that he would get caught?
What if someone shot ur beloved ones with a gun. Would u shoot back the dude or just leave it be?

obviously most of us would run after the guy tht whacked us or shoot back the guy who shot our beloved. But is this what we odd to be doing? hmmm.

REVENGE. is sweet.
or so they say. haha.
Human nature that is.

but i guess, the right thing would be the hardest thing to do. and that is, to walk away from a fight and to leave it all to God and have faith that one day, Judgement day will come.

when someone slaps u on the right cheek, wht would u do? =P

Have a great weekend hunnays! =)

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