Thursday, July 09, 2009

I've found back my love..


Wasn't posing. this is REAL. x)

Today, i've found back my love for bio. The love for bio i had when i was in form 4. i lost it for a while. but today i found it back. =)

i've also been feeling more and more happy as days passed. =) Thanks for the prayers darlings. Nope everything is still the same. cold war and all. but yeah.. like i said.. i'm going on with life. =D

Some pictures of yesterday from Boon Sin's camera.

And a picture i stole from Tong's blog. =P

I was looking back at all the old pictures..
and memories.. =) wht great memories.
i also found a ULTRA emo picture of me.
i'll share it with u guys next time. hee. =D

My Friday, Saturday and Sunday is gonna be awesome!
i'll tell u why in the next entry. =D


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