Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Tuition Teacher Says Boyfriends are for Decorations. =D

ahhhh. i tried to finish my choreography today but i only managed almost half the song. but then again.. after recording myself and looking back at my choreography so far.. i feel.. unsatisfied! =( i dunno why but i feel as if i'm not growing in my dancing life. just... stagnant. I wanna growww.. be exposed to more dance types and expand my dance vocabulary! like wht Gin said. Nyaaaah. how i wish Gin was here to coach me.. =/ I reallllllyyyy love her choreography and i follow on her new ones whenever there is one. I still feel tht my hip hop is still kinda old school. not new school enough. rawr.

Not sure if i can even follow AFC trainers to Kuala Terengganu in August coz of my trials. But i so totally wanna go! =/

nvm nvm. concentrate on my choreographing first. lol. i need to brain storm with someone. but theres nobody home to brain storm with me. benson workin.. and i'm aloneeeeee.. its hard choreographing alone! got no.. support. hahaha.. no ideas. u can just get stuck and stand there with the music playing over and over again.. without a single idea in ur head. its toturing! i guess most of us dancers face the same problem. = CHOREOGRAPHING! except those super uber pro dancers. =P scratch tht. PRO CHOREOGRAPHERS. ;) not all pro dancers can choreo. =P

I do miss dancing with AFC. performing and teaching. =) cant wait till it restarts!

till then. I hope i can get this dance done asap before my assignments and homework starts to flood my time!

PS: yesh. i can accept the fact tht Megan Fox is a man. he's too hawt to be perfect. =D nevertheless, she-man is still smoking hawt. *Pssssst!* hahaha. =)

PPS: yesh. abt my title. my teacher said..husband.. must choose those tht can provide for us and not leng zhai also nvm. she say husband must choose those not leng zhai one so tht dun need to jaga him from other girls. HAHA. and she say BF choose those leng zhai one just to have tht sweet memory .. then in future can tell ur kids.."see, my bf last time so leng zhai" LOL. "Boyfriends are for decorations" xDDDD


Somemore they say " Maaf *my ic no.* tidak dipilih menyertai PLKN siri 7/2010." MAAF?! hahahaaa. =)) good larh. i can go work. =) actually get or dont get it doesn't matter really. i'm okay with both. =P ;)