Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Can Pray For Sunny Weather, But that Wont Stop The Rain

My week?
the only good thing i remembered about my week was when khai yein,kok sime and boon sin came over to my hse to teach me addmaths. heh. i cant rmb much.

Open day. Bro took report card for me. well.. i went to school earlier to arrange the tables and chairs and to sweep the class clean. may suet and yee chin came to help.. so did khai yein chun ying and chi wing. thx guys. =)

well i got number 16/38 with a percentage of 71.20%. yeh.
anyways, b4 i headed to tuition.. grandma showed me smth she bought for my lil cousins.

OMG! the umbrella so cute right?! haha. i mean. i've seen it in movies like bruce almighty and all but i've nvr wore one b4. =P so i JUST had to take a pic! haha.


Then got ready for tuition and had some free time sho.. i took my specs and just.. wore it for fun. i hardly wear my specs anymore. well.. i used to wear it during class.. but very seldomly. and now? i dun even wear it anymore. i think. hahaha. and guess wht?! MY POWER DECREASED. ;) anyways. there was smth wrong with the light and my phone so i look like freak. hahaha. this is Celine in Specs. =P

Waited for the stupid bus for 1 and a half hour la! Zz. i ate joo rapidkl buses!! rawr.! anyways. some lala ppl came. and people.. whats this kinda fashion going on nowadays where girls wear super super short shorts and long t-shirts till u cant see anything?! lol. For example..

Yeah. u know.. ? like.. PUT ON SOME PANTS GIRL! x) u wanna wear shorts and shirt k la. nth wrong with tht. but but but.. whats with the hiding shorts nowadays? as if u were wearing nth underneath? Yer. anyways. i know i know. i curi ambik her gambar. but i was bored! PLUS! she wanted people to stare at her coz she make untill like she not wearing pants. so like wht they always say.. "Take a picture. it'll last longer." =P

stupid bus finally came after tht .. and i SERIOUSLY ALMOST MISSED THE BUS! i'd be so friggin pissed if i missed it after waitin for so long. coz i got hungry and felt un well. so i went to buy bread across the road. ahh. =/ when going back.. waited AGAIN for 1 hour plus. omg omg omgggggggg la. kok sime had to roam around my house area for half an hour coz i was late. i'm sorry! =/ blame the bus! so yes. went Desa Parkcity to jog after tuition with kok sime and zhong hao. =D DE-STRESS! xD i had fun. =) especially feeding the fish and chtting. hahaa. =)

Aunt fetch me to and from tuition. started tuition at 9.30am coz had replacement classes. imagine. 4 hours straight of tuition. TIRING! and.. brain dehydrating. T_T yeah. class ended at.. 2.30pm.. and yes.. i missed Canteen Day. still dunno how it went. tho i know some idiots cari pasal with one of my best friends in school. @#$%^&* u childish noobs la. hopefully the police track them down and send them to those houses for budak budak nakal. SHEESH. Anyhoo.. =D

TRANSFORMERS~!!!!!!!!! bwahahahahahha! yes yes yes. i watched transformers on saturday night in OU. wooot~! watch transformers must wear transformers shirt also! nyahahaha. =P

Yeah. see la. see how much sleep i need to catch up on. cis. =P

it was niceeeee. =) tho i prefer the first! coz the 2nd one too over action pack plus i suddenly felt like .. robots were part of our world all of a sudden. coz there were too much robots everywhere .. suddenly like.. nth special edy. =.=! but thats just me. =)
btw! megan fox's acting was like.. no man. out. OUTTT. she's hawwwwt tho. but her crying was just so fake. =P but the movie was nice la. =D


Church. and it was HIGH TEA at SWISS GARDEN after tht! =D

i loveeeeeeed the strawberries. they were so sweet! =)

There were more food but i was too busy eating. =P
at least got a few pictures right right?. haha. =P

FINALLY got to play L4D again after such a loooooong time. DE-STRESSSS~! x) it was fun. CC sessions are always fun! i think. hahahaa coz i hardly go. =P nw i realize how u can forget time when ur gaming. 3 hours just passed like tht. I STILL DUN LIKE TF2 THO! its boringgggggggg. funny la. but it gets boring. =P

=) I've been dreaming alot lately.



    can you believe it?!

  2. Karyn : Yeaaah man! its believable tho. coz she's so hawt. i mean.. He's so hawt. =.=!! xDDDDD Megan fox is a SHE-MAN~!haha. still hawt nevertheless. =P

    Kim: why like wat?