Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Please dont stop the rain.♥

"If its gonna be a rainy day, theres nth we can do to make it change.
We can pray for sunny weather, but that wont stop the rain. Feeling like you got no place to run, i can be your shelter till its done, we can make this last forever, so please dont stop the rain.. "

I got my addmaths result today.
I ALWAYS.. ALWAYS feel disappointed, sad and angry every single time i get back my addmaths result. when will i ever get to put a smile on my face after getting my addmaths result? i want that. so much.....
felt really crappy after getting my results. no i did not fail.. but i got..a SUPER unsatisfying result. i felt so.. down but angry at the same time.. i kept questioning myself..i kept asking myself in class.. "Why cant you score as well as ur other mates?" they can get 70+ , 80+.. u go for tuition but you still do so badly for ur exam.

Zz. =( despite of how crappy i feel, i wont give up.
i'll try even harder. till i reach my goal..
ahhhhhh. addmaths addmaths...
i needa overcome this problem la.
I need help.

Oral Down. BM essays down. Praise and Worship Down.
Magazine essay and AFC dance to be choreographed.
131 Days left till SPM..
66 Days left till Trials.

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