Friday, June 19, 2009

Sugar Rush~!

Yup. got the class picture today. but its only for ordering. havent got our own pictures each yet. and sorry for the blur-ness. i took a picture of the picture coz my scanner gone case. at least i think it is. x) and.. the colour of the picture memang got smth wrong la. its like they edited it or smth untill it looks as if got flash effect. urgh.

Anyways.. i've been VERY VERY busy lately. ahhh. one thing after another. its like.. no time to rest at all weih! i've been sleeping at 2.30am eversince Monday. Probably tonight also. waiting for Khai yein at the moment to finish typing her essay and to edit it and print it out for the magazine tmr. Ahh. T_T. Kok sime also have to stay up tonight. coz he have to help me print out coz my printer.. ... is dead. Rawr... Anyways.. got quite alot of things done this week. My Oral,Magazine essay,Bm essays,Moral Assignment, Forum Folio and forget what else.. DONE. Phewh. crazy lar. one after another. Still have PEKAs, History and a dance to choreograph.

So bumped out today. I so semangat to finish my BIO PEKA asap! so i did everything and spend dunno how long drawing these cells!

Nice right nice right? xD

Then guess what happened? My bio teacher said that it was TOO DETAILED and marks would be deducted coz of tht. WTH. T_T spent so much time drawing those cells. ahhhhh. Zzz. So have to redo a completely whole new experiment. SEE WHAT WE RAJIN PEOPLE GET?! WE SO RAJIN THEN WE HAVE TO DO EXTRA WORK. those tht didn't do have to do less work.


Teruknyer. ISH. Hmmph. just finished editing Khai Yein's essay. arhhhh... my brain is.. dehydrated~! did the forum folio, edited Kok sime's essay.. edited Khai Yein's.. didn't get to do my Bio report. ahh. =( imma sleep man. i cant take it anymore! lol. x)

See. wht did i say? 2.30am again.
Rawr. I wanna sleep a whole 24 hours. x)
gimme gimme~


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