Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I Did on Fathers Day

Went to church, helped out in serving the fathers and went to PIZZA HUT in MP with brothers, uncle's family and grandma. =D then we headed to OU for a game of bowling. ;)

only played a game. Benson belanja-ed. =)
Then the kids got restless and wanted ice cream.. and we were thirsty.. so...


Some random pictures of my cousins. =)

See my youngest cousin. So young but start window shopping d! hahaha. wrong clothes selection tho. Kar Joon! ur a boyyyy, no girl, no girl! x) or maybe an imaginary friend? =X scary. Haha. reminded me of "confessions of a shopper holic" when the manequins would come to life. pfft. =P

so after they left. we went to PADINI coz benson liked my shades. so we went to see if the promotion was still on. =P
and guess what?

He bought the exactly same shades i bought. except that he bought the one with white frames! =P i wanted white frames but they were sold out in JB. Now both of us can share. =D nyahaha.


had a nice fathers day. tho, spendng this day with my own father would've been picture perfect. =)



  1. Its OK, you are in my heart and we know you will be alright. Just cover your nose and mouth and walk away when you are around ppl who sneeze or do not know sneeze etiquette. Be safe. Love Mum & Dad.