Monday, June 15, 2009


As Promised! So before i went back to JB.. i went to FRIM at 7am with Zhong Hao and Kok Lim.

it was my first time there! really beautiful and fresh in the morning.. alot of people .. of all ages were jogging there.. and its not just a round around a lake or smth. its a long jog! haha.. so.. i drank milo before i jogged. HOW SMART. x) yeh. so jog half way and the milo came up to my throat. =.= but i din vomit la. it was just VERY uncomfortable. haha.. zhong hao had to wait for me to burp it out or smth. xD SRY! =P So after jogging and all, an hour passed! then we did jungle trekking! fuyoh. tiring i tell you! very very tiring. haha. i've not been exercising coz of exams. and my stamina went down! So yup. that was my morning.. zhong hao fetched me to tuition after tht.. and I WAS SO TIRED IN TUITION! =/ but got to concentrate =) got home.. got everything ready and off to JB we went! ;) reached JB around 11pm +.. It was so nice seeing my parents again. =) missed them so much.

Mummy took leave for 4 days just to spend time with us! awesomeness! =) we went to the new house they were shifting to.. and helped mum put up the curtains.. and then there was nth else we could help with.. so we went to the play ground nearby.. across the road. lolll...

The place was filled with pretty hibiscus. =)


After that we went to Bukit Indah for dinner..along with kristen and jie..

Woot~! my favourite.! =D

Mum and dad. =)

Then we went to the arcade to play a dance thingy there. xD and basketball too! DUDE! check out my SCORE WEIH! O.O

YESH. 609!!! mwahahahahahahhaa. =D
k la. there was smth wrong with the machine. eventhough my ball didn't go in.. if it hit the basket it'll count as a point. BUT. i did shoot in quite alot k! =D

So that was my first day in JB. =) but hang on tide! coz we've got a long way to go. =P

When out with Kaw and Yan Bin! woot~! we watched Night at the Museum 2! funny larh that show. xD but i think the first one is nicer coz everything was new. =P Emelia Airheart (dunno hw to spell. xD ) was a good character tho. =D loved her. Than Cynthia aka Xi Xuang came. =D AND AND! i bumped into these lovelay people! =)

Fu Qiang, Da Xiang and Ping Ping. =D been so long since i've last saw them. =) old classmates yo!

And i FINALLY had my mee rebus! =)) suddenly missed eating mee rebus alot. =P

Meet Xi Xuang!

Yan Bin!

And Kaw~! my bestie since form 1. =)

Then we saw Xin Yi there too! she's also my ex classmate. =)

And it was Goodbye. =(
cant rmb wht i did after tht. ahh yes. we went to the new house again.. to shift more stuffs there. and and and.. i cant rmb wht else. haha. =P


Went out as a family to city square. =D since it was mum's last day of leave, i didn't allow her to go to the new house and shift stuffs coz i wanna spend time with her! well thats y she took leave now didn't she? =)

Lalala~ =P

City Square. there were SALES EVERYWHERE! ESPECIALLY SHOES! mum bought sandals for me coz mine were worned out. =) but i didn't wanna buy anything else. =D resist temptation! ;)
and since i NEVER EVER went to TGIF before, mum insisted on bringing me there! she insisted since last year but i kept rejecting her. Coz its so expensive larh. =/ but she REALLY insisted this time. =.=! so yep! thats where we had dinner. =)



NOW! some mouth watering food. hehe. =D

Mummy. =)

we makan finish already. suddenly the waiter brought THIS!

and said "Here's your Dessert =)" and we asked from Who?!
Waiter : From the Manager.

mine mine mine! SHOO! xD

Zam aka Z Manager. =D fuyoh man. head waiter become manager d. =) CONGRATS!
So yep. had a great great time. =)

Cut hair with Kristen,Jie and BB.
I didn't like my new haircut. but it grew back fast so .. =D.

Spent the whole day at home.. visiting mum at work and going to the new house to help shift plus packed my stuffs in boxes!. =)

went back to COGS. alot of people were like..
"HEY! YOU'RE BACK! HAVEN'T SEEN U IN AGES!" Yesh. i've not been there for a long long time. =/ was nice seeing some of em again. =)

Went to Bryan's and he drove us to Serene Park to play Bball. fuyoh. first time bryan driving me. hhaha.. =P Played a while then some NOOBS came and started playing with our ball without asking. they play well, but their attitude SUCKS. noobs. then they wanted to 3 on 3. so ok lor. 3 on 3.. but they so sensitive.. kena hit abit only become so pissed off.. i fall down and scrape my knee till bleeding also din say anything. Zz. So yeah. we were pissed maaaaaan. Then Bryan called Jeremy to come kick some arse. xD fuyooo. so jeremy came with Li ying.

Li Ying. =D and later bryan,jeremy and bb challenged them again. AND WE WON LIKE CRAZY. Coz jeremy so tall and they so short.. they kena Pwned like Mad. haha. it was so funny watching them play la. especially when they tried to block Jeremy or steal the ball from him. looked like toddlers trying to steal a ball from an adult. x) ANYWAYS. enough bout those noobs. Jasmine came later on and we played bball together. =)

Heres bryan with the oh-so-nice jump shot. =P
of course Celine Yap Kah May la. =PPP


Jasmine.Celine.Li Ying

Jeremy invaded our picture. xD

xD. Shooooo Gaaaay. =PPP

Went back to Bryan's after that and swam with doreen! =) had fun swimming. =D tho, my knee hurt like @#$%^&* when i first went into the pool of Chlorine! O.O x)

Bryan. =)

My Knee. =( it hurt more than wht it looks. especially when i cleaned the wound with those alcohol detol-ish thingy. PAIN MAN. T_T. stinged really badly. yoorrrhhhh.

Mum's off day! yay! =) went to the new house.. shift more stuffs.
and i cooked pancakes! =D and saw He's Just Not That Into You. hehe. NICE. =D funny. xD then went carefour.. tesco.. and alot of places. =D

I love You Ma. =)

Had a wonderful suprise in the morning!

TADAAAAA~! Sho nice u know! 5 star hotel punya food. haha. seriously. My Dad is a good cook. =D

Then i went to Tebrau City with ...

My Dear Mei aka Eunice Tan! =D

Wohoo! loved our outfits! =)


Then we watched a movie called "The Brother's Bloom" DONT WATCH IT! xD actually it was ok lar. it was boring in the begining and middle but towards the end it was nice. haha. Not bad la. =) and we had chocolate Waffles! whee~! =D




Before we left, we went into PADINI and saw awesome shades man! on SALE~! O.O! i reli reli wanted to get one coz it was only RM18.40 with 400 UV protection! FUYOH! but i couldn't find the right shape and all and my dad was coming so Eunice got hers first. =) After tht.. me,daddy and bb went to have dinner with ma! =D

She So pretty right? =)

HAH! I WAS JUST FOLLOWING DADDY OKAY! he posed tht first! not me this time! hehe. =P

Aww. =)

I love u Pa. =)

Aww so cute! haha. =)


After that.. went back to Tebrau City to buy my shades! mwahahhaa. =D Khoo and Rui invited me to the PB steamboat. but i had to help arrange stuffs in the new house so i didn't go this time. Sorry darlings! but i did drop by to take some shots with them. =)

Gonna miss them. =(

After arranging the things.. we picked up mummy from work and we ate some Durians! woot~!

Haha. =) I ate abit only. coz very HEATY! dun wanna fall sick. =)


PHEWITT~!!! Hawt shades or what?! hahaha. So now i don't have to wear the rm10 one without any UV protection. Its dangerous! YESH! another thing off my "Want" List. =D

My JB Trip Rawked or what?!. =)
My last day in JB was so nicesh. =) i had so much fun and it was a really nice nice day. =) Came back to KL on Thursday and KARYN ONG WENT BACK TO JB AT THE SAME TIME! =( nvm nvm. i await our Sleepover! =) NOW. its second semester and its just 2 months from trials, 5 months fom SPM. its time to get really.. really Serious.

- No Joke ! -


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