Saturday, July 04, 2009

Right On~!

Yesh! went jogging again today. and this time..
i didn't even feel tired till i was finishing my 2nd round.
Wow. =) hahaha.. yay! happy happy. =D =D =D

Ah sun jie fetched me to and from tuition today! ^^
yesterdy gary boy fetched me to tuition..
and joseph fetched me from tuition to AFC..
ahhh.. it feels so nice to be fetched and not to wait for the bus.
=P Sangat gembira la aku. heee. ^^
I FROZE IN TUITION K! literally!
it was soooo soooo friggin COLD! =S
i forgot to bring my jacket. my tuition's aircon is colder than the cinema's aircon man! SERIOUSLY. x) it was so cold tht i couldn't write properly and my hand writting sucked. =.=! and it was so cold tht when i got up from my chair.. my frozen feet suddenly had this sharp pain as if a nerve broke or smth. yeah tht kinda feeling. SO COLD. *shivers*

sides tht.. my day has been pretty alright.
got to catch up on sleep. =)
and now! i wanna movie-ing! x)
nope. not at the cinema. but dvds! yay! hahaha..

I miss the beach.
can't wait to go after my SPM. =)

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