Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sugar We're Going Down Swinging~

Haha, just got pictures from Chi Wing! =)

Pictures of us at Desa Parkcity! =)

lol! haha.. on the way there

Kok Sime decided to fly solo~

Sun Set!

haha. Mwhs!

Take 1. =D

Take 2.

Take 3. O.o?! hahah.

The pathway i like! =)

lol. the underwear shape. haha.

Use timer k! not bad right. haha. =) love the last picture! ;)

So besides tht. I tried 2 dresses that belonged to my aunt when she was super young. She's in Hong Kong now. lol. =P
Dress No.1 ! z Cheong Sam!

The dress and pattern and design so pwetty! =)

Dress No.2 ! =)
When i first saw the dress in the plastic i was like eyer. must be those super old looking aunty dresses. But i tried anyways. and Va Lah~!

Not bad after all! in fact i like this one more than the cheong sam! hahaha. i love the sleeves especially! =D

alrighty. i'm off to bed! =) and i'm waiting for pictures from u jovenne! =P

- Baby Steps! - =]

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