Monday, July 13, 2009

My Awesome Weekend. Ohana. =)

Ola! Yesh yesh yesh.
Indeed as expected i had a superb weekend.
And why is tht so? =P
Brothers and I went down to JB on Friday by bus..
Without mum and dad knowing on the 10th of July.
We planned a birthday suprise for that weeks earlier!
Our plan was for the 3 of us to go down to Jb without them knowing.. and suprise them on dad's birthday! =)

So Jie had an extra key to the new house..
We arrived around.. 5pm? and Yen Fah picked us up from Larkin.
before tht, the 3 of us ate at Mc.Ds at Larkin.
Guess what happened to benson? he drank his coke till it finished.
opened the cover to eat ice.. and saw a cricket inside.
Benson went. : OH EM GEEEEEEEE~! xD!
So i took the cup and complained and she asked me wht i wanted in return.
and kept apologizing. So benson asked for a McFlurry. haha.
Anyways.. we hanged out at Yen Fah's place till it was time!

cause Dad usually fetches mum from work at 9pm.
So we snuck into the house.. and got everything ready..
in the dark.. xD lights off. and we waited for quite a while i must say. =P

Aww. its been a while since the 4 of us took a picture aint it?

Timer. xD

So mum knew about yen fah and jie suprising dad. but she didn't know the 3 of us would be there. so the 3 of us hide behind the couch when parents arrived. while jie and YF stood infront of the door with the cake. haha.. BENSON.. hide our shoes at the gate .. and coz of our shoes.. the gate couldn't open. =.=.. so mum took out whtever tht were there and Dad saw benson's favourite Nike Shoe. But mum tot it was YF's. LOL. but it nvr came to their minds tht we would actualy be there. So Jie and YF sang the first line of the happy bday song..

and suddenly Brothers and I popped out from behind the couch joining them in the happy birthday song. HAHA. Mum and Dad's facial expressions were priceless! =P dad kept asking.. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" with the suprise,shocked but ULTRA Happy face. hahahaha.. =) i took a video.. will upload soon. =P It was a Success! WOOT~!! =D

Daddy lost weight! =P

Awww. Reunited once again. =)

So slept in the new house for the first time. but i slept soundly. felt really comfortable. Home will always be home. =)

Let me share with you, my first sight when i woke up. xD random. hahah!

Dad brought the orkid and said.. "Nah, got picture for u to take" xD the pic would've been nicer with a DSLR now wouldn't it? =P



Then we went to Uncle Lee's shop to eat breakfast! =D

Nyahahaha. mummy and I punya slipper. chunted. =D

So we hung around the house till it was time for dinner. was supposed to go tebrau city but tak jadi. =P

Nyahahahaha. Prepare yourself for z Celine's Unprofessional Photoshoot! xDDD

Haha. i was bored. they all larh. take so long to get ready. ish. =P

So after tht, we headed to TGIF! woot!

Stunning arent they. =D

After i took this picture i said.
"Wah not bad arh benson, ur biceps quite firm d."

Showed them the pic.
Benson : nyahhahaa mine still bigger.
Benroy: Who said! take again!
Celine : =.=.........

=.= Boys. xD

Woot. Time to take a picture with z birthday boy! =P

Hahaha. pa u look so cute. xD
Dad: Whaaaat again?! why u take so many one! xD

I love u pa!

a lil of the food. too busy eating. =P

Happy Birthday to the Best Dad Ever! =)

As usual. the TGIF people made the birthday boy stand on the chair.. sing a song.. give a speech and they sang their song / cheer for dad. hahaha. took a video too. up next time. =D

Aww. =)

Picture of the Night. ;)


J.P chenet.
Nah. Din even take a sip. =(? xD

Slept at like.. 3am? hahahaa.. saw our super old videos together. videos of us performing at leisure mall JB during christmas.. danced to the song "what you've done for me" by Planet Shakers. BOY WERE WE FAT! xD we were so fat our movements were limited! hahahaa.. i was.. 11 then? =P hahaha.. nice times la. it was nice seeing all those old videos again. shows how much we've grown! =) showed me how much i've grown in dancing especially. =)

Next morning.. went to Uncle Lee's again.
Dad suddenly asked about Beng aka Apple coz i was wearing the tomato chain she bought me. Ahh. i miss her loads..

Ur Veggie is missing you,YOU FRUIT!
Seriously. :(

planned to go church. but tak jadi. =.= late. =.=.. sent mum to work.. walked around carefour and temaned her for a while till we had to leave.

=) i love u ma.

Awesome weekend or what?! haha. =)

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  1. i just realized y'all like to celebrate bdays at TGIF!