Monday, May 03, 2010

Baby~! Baby~! Tell Me What Chu What Chu Waiting For~! =)

Ello everyoneeeeee! =)

i taught basic hip hop at Edupark Plaza Dance Academy..
hahaha.. i tot them my choreography to ALL I DO IS WIN.. by DJ Khaled. =) ahh! i had so much funnnn!!! hahaha coz majority of them are kids.. so like.. THEY WERE SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!! hahahaa.. i can nvr forget dong dong and simone! they're super cute.. hahaha.. dong dong can make u melt! =P i decided to give them a challenge. a fast song and a tougher choreography.. and they managed to pull it off! it was awesome really.. hahaa.. altho some of them were really notty.. but other than tht.. i had loads of fun! =)

before tht i ate at Mc Ds alone.. haha.. and 2 diff groups of ppl shared a table with me.. and there was this guy.. =.=! he sat one chair away from me.. and all he did was.. STARE! omg boy. didn't mummy teach u that STARING IS RUDE?! but really lar. he was like wht.. 20 something? and all he did was stare at me.. super obviously with his head fully turned to the left. coz tht was where i was. and even tho i looked at him while he was staring at me.. HE DIDN'T STOP STARING! T_T... i really wished i was with someone at tht point of time.. ishh.. anyways..

sometimes i wonder where does courtesy come in nowadays?
i do admit that there ARE still people who practices good manners..
like.. asking a simple question.. "Hello, is this seat taken?"
instead of just rudely assuming tht no one is sitting there.. =.=
u see.. the difference with malaysians or rather locals.. and tourist..
is tht.. tourist.. they actually have good manners.. most of them..
and although the end result in the end would be the same..
the feeling wouldn't be the same.

As in, in the end, i would give out that seat coz it is not taken .
but i would be more willing to give my seat out to the tourist..
or to the person who asked first.. instead of giving it out to the..
person who so rudely assumed no one was sitting there.
so people say.. our own locals treat tourist or ang moh's better..
better than us.. but the way they carry themselves..
also adds up to why we treat them better.. no?
i must say, the manners and courtesy of us Malaysians..
have been decreasing so miserably..
even the way we talk to our parents..

lemme give u a simple scenario.

Mum: Do u want some pancakes?
Child: Dont want la.

but why cant u reply in this manner instead?

Mum: Do u want some pancakes?
Child: no, thank you.

Is it that difficult? same amount of words no?
so yeah man. seriously.. good manners and courtesy..
ought to be practice more nowadays..
this generation especially.. terrible. =/

anyhoo! back to my sunday. hahaa..
after dance.. dad sent me home and janning and benson came home..
and we just hung out at my hse.. =D
and had dinner together!
and the best part was the after dinner part!
we actually looked back at all our old videos..
and pictures of us siblings when we were wayyyyyyy much younger.
it brought back so many memories,smiles and laughter. =)
hahaa.. and kinda embarassing! not kinda. more like VERY embarassing!
hahahaha.. even i couldn't see the young celine..
talk and.. mimic advertisements! hahaa.. omg man.. xD

but yeah it was really nice..
to have looked back at all these memories.. =)
and how cute we were! hahahaha.. and chubby..
and round and all.. =P things and people really do change..
as time goes by.. drastically! hahah.. i've known janning for 5 years already.
can u believe it? but i only really got to know her last year and this year. =)
AND NICK! hahaha.. in my first AFC camp in 2007..
in our group pictures.. Nick was just behind me!
but we never really knew each other.. more like a hi bye.
thats all.. hahaha.. but look at us now! =)

of course things change.. both for better and also for worse..
but i guess its better looking at the changes..
that were for the better.. =)
something for us to hold on to..
so yeah it was a great start of the week for me..

i had a test for Moral Studies..
3 whole hours.. T_T geez man.
i so did not enjoy the test. =S
and i waited at the ktm station for half an hour..
and later found out tht.. i had to take a cab home..
coz dad's car broke down.. =(
both the Kancil's are down now.. Benson's and Dad's.
i just received news tht mum and dad is stranded at curve now..
His car just broke down again.. =.=!
altho he just fixed it. Zzz.. mechanics. rawr.
i always had a dream to learn up about cars..
and how to fix em and all..

so that i wont be like most girls..
who are victims of the money sucker mechanics..
ya noe? haha. oh well. there are so many things i wanna do..
but priorities first. =P

hahaha.. i received a call from 8TV today..
they called me to ask for my home address..
coz they want to send me a gift..! =) awww..
as an appreciation.. to show tht they appreciate me..
and to say sry in a way also i think and thank u?. HAHA.
so now i get free 8 tickets to whtever movie i wanna watch..
AND also a gift! it seems that i'm gonna get a soft toy!
hehehee.. i hope its a teddy bear!! =))
i loveee teddies! =))))) they're so nice right?
hahahaa.. Awwwwwwww. =DDD


PS: i keep listening to "What You Waiting For" by Mizz Nina and Colby! hahaha... niceeeee. =) so catchy!!! "Baby! I never seen someone with your Body! u make me wanna get this party started. Hey baby come and tell me whats the score. Baby~! Baby~! Tell me what chu what chu waiting for~~~~! =DDDDDD

Goodnight! =)

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