Friday, April 30, 2010

8tv, pretty efficient eyy! =)

Heya guys.
Havent been feeling quite alright lately..
was not well this morning so i didn't go college..
had malaysian studies today..
and Mr.Ramesh gave us topics last week..
and said he'd choose like 1 group out of 9 groups..
to present.. and in my group i'm the one who suppose to present.
hahah coz all the info's with me. =P
but i could feel tht theres a big possibility tht i wont go coll..
so i asked Pavi to standby haha.. incase i dun go coll..
and if we're even chosen for the matter..
and guess wht?! my group really got chosen!
hahaha.. poor poor group members!
kar yan called me and was like.. CELINE! WHERE R U?!

haha. so sorry guys. =(
at least u guys had Pavi. hehe. =D

yeah and i made a complaint to 8tv..
coz i won WOLFMAN passes from 8tv Quickie..
but by the time they gave me the 8 passes to wolfman..
it was already off cinemas. zzz.. so swt right?
lol. i was really upset.. and i sent an email..
to the producer.. and cc-ed to the ceo,brand manager and General manager. =P

hahaha i know right? abit the geng and over ? haha..
but really larh.. if they wanna improve..
complaints are good for them.. =)
so yeah from my email.. u could tell tht..
i was really upset and kinda pissed in a way.. ahaha..
i left my hp no. there.
and dude they are efficient yo!
either some ppl would just delete.. and leave it be..
or delay it for like few days? but no man!
the Producer of quickie imediately called me after 2 hours!
after 2 hours the email was sent.. hahhaha.. cool yo! =)
so yeah im really happy with how efficient 8tv is.. =D
thumbs up to u guys! or maybe coz i cc-ed the most POWDERFUL
people in 8tv. Nyahahahaha. =P =X
but yeah.. He called me and apologized and all..
and asked me to come over to 8tv whenever i wanted..
and they'd give me 8 tickets to any movie i wanted..
except iron man 2 coz its sold out. =D

hahaa.. awesomeee....
my email actually worked this time! xD
coz complaints i've done to like.. cathay cineplax..
and to my school and whtever all kena ignored! boo them!!
pffft! hahahaha.. weeee.

still thinking wht movie to watch.
but i'll probably ask for IP MAN 2 tickets! wee! =)
but i havent even watch IP MAN yet. O.O
=) so yeah man! pretty awesome. =D

and i didn't go AFC today. =/
need to rest alot..
i did actually. hehe. feeling btr..
but still unwell. =(

Sleep + Water! loads of both!
haha. i sleep untill i'm tired of sleeping edy.. T_T
xD kay ler. hmm thts abt it.
till nxt time. =)


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