Sunday, April 11, 2010

Erin & Adrian Miller. =)

Hello!! :)
Woke up this morning.. real early and dolled myself up!
hehe. actually not really. i just wore a nicesh dress and yeah..
hahaha.. had a super random conver wit mummy! xD

Me: *goes and sit on her bed.. she just woke..=P* Mummy.. Do i look pwettty? =D
Mummy: wht kind of question is tht? of course you look pretty.. you always do.. =)
Me: oh really ar? hehe. *walks out.* xDD!
Mummy: If you wore this dress to college.. everyone would be concentrating on you instead of the lecturer.
Me: =.=! lol! hahaa..

Super random right? xD
It was raining in the morning.. and the first thing tht came to my mind was..
Then i prayed..

"Lord, please let it rain now.. but let it be super hot and shiny during the wedding later on.. let the sun be happy and shine like never before so that the bride and groom will stay dry. and have a nice wedding! in Jesus name i pray.. Amen"

Went to Jov's hse first before going to the church! =) hung out at her place from 9am till erm.. 12pm plus? coz yeah janning would be fetching us and she had band prac so yeah waited for her. hahaha.. Jovenne gave me interesting manicure today! xD hahaa i wanted to take a picture of it but my camera batt died just nw. =P anyhoo! my nails were painted black white black white black. my right hand only. hahaha. and she did a diff pattern for every nail. xD i kinda like my nails. HAHA. interestingggg! =P had breakfast with her family.. and got to TAMIL METHODIST CHURCH in Brickfields around 1pm plus. yep! the church near my college. haha. =) the minute i got out of the car i was like.. Omg! its so hot! burninggg hottttttttttt! then i remembered my prayer this morning.. and said.. "oh yeahhh! i prayed for this to happen! haha" =) all for the bride and groom!!! Hot hot nvm. hehe.. =)
Qian and Andrea.. =)
pwetty flowers!
Adrian! the groom!
Adrian and uncle felix, his daddy! =) nt too sure whose the other guy. haha.

Awaiting the lovely bride, Erin. =)
Michelle! first bridesmaid! hehe..
Lydia darling behind.. the other bridesmaid! =) aww u girls look so pretty!!!

Lydiaaaa! =)
Aunt Emily!! =)
the bride and her daddy.. =)
Look how happy Adrian is? =)

Lydia saying a prayer. =)
and this was them walking out of the church! =) Awww. they look so happy! =) and i hope and pray that you both will not only be happy on ur wedding day but for the rest of your lives together!! =) there u have it!

the newly wed couple..
Erin and Adrian Miller! =)

Vanessa! haven't seen her in ages! since DYC i think.. or since she came to JB.. or smth. HAHA. but anyways! it was nice seeing her again! =)
Mel mel!
Natasha darling!! =)
Joshua! the guy who keeps a collection of weird funny not nice pictures of me in his handphone!!! videos too! rawr. paparazzi!
She made me really happy! i shall save the best for the last. =) Thank you so much nat! =')
JJ! AHAHA. MR ARIA talks and jokes and everything like YOU JJ! Mr Aria is my economics lecturer btw. =P
NICK! omg u stalker! hahahahahaha!
He sat somewhere behind me during the wedding.. and i didn't know where he was sitting but he could see me.. xDD and sent me smses like.. "NO TALKING!" HAHA. omg wht?! xDD i was like.. Nohhhhhhh! stop stalking mieeeeeee! hahahahahahaha..
But i still love you anyways lar..haha.. How can i not? Ur my Dii.. =) but a super notty one! =P

Ahhh My Darlings!!! =)


darling lydia u look really really gorgeous.. =)
seriously. =)

kkk chill chill. i noe u dont like the colour of the flower. coz its yellow! neither do i. but but dun la throw it! hahahahaha..

omg shes so gonna kill me for putting up this picture. HAHA. =X
But i know you'll love me still.. right right right? hehhe. =P =)
weee~! Erin the oh so beautiful bride! =)
Erin and Adrian! Bride and Groom! =)

Lydia miller jov and i really miss youuuuuuuuu! altho we're seeing u again tomorrow. but seeing you and spending time with you is two whole different things kay.. :(
Michelle! the other bridesmaid! =)

AFC and the newly Wed couple! =)

i like! :)
Awwww. One word.
Lovely. =)

Darlings oh darlings. =)
When Erin was gonna throw the bouquet!

and cute lil Vanessa caught it! hehe. =) So yeah! that was the wedding ceremony in church today. =) tomorrow's the dinner! cant wait cant wait! hehehe. =) ONCE AGAIN!

May you're new journey overflow with God's guidance and blessings!

ahh.. dont you just love weddings?
I know i do. :)

After the wedding ceremony, i followed andrea back to her place. waited for her to get changed and change myself to our dancing clothes and all.. and had lunch.. aka.. KFC at like.. 5.30pm.. actually thts considered as my dinner. HAHA. anyhoo.. yeah.. headed to studio right after tht around 6pm..
Had practise for our coming dance competition! practised from 6pm right untill 11pm!!! i noe! its craziee! hahaha.. but we had much of progress today! so proud of us today! =) we have achieved something and did nt waste any time. =) So while waiting for benson.. i decided to snaaaaaaap and take videos. hehehe. =P

Andrea.. wht r u doing?? =.=...

Wee~! SPLIT! xD =P
we wanted to take picture but andrea mengada! lazy bum uuu!

and finally.. we decided to go to her instead. =.=! hahaa u doink! =P

see la the face! ish ish ishhhhh~! haha she didn't wanna move!!!
i like this pictureeee!!! =)
Hehe. SS and sheryl's leg. LOL
haha. the place i like being in. dance studioooooooo~! loved it ever since i started to love dancing. =) believe it or not.. this year was my first year practising and learning in a dance studio. =) yes. finally huh? =) haha.
Had so much fun today. so happy we finally finished learning both the two routines. =) and to my suprise.. when i got home.. i was tired.. but i didn't feel exhausted. =D weird huh? hahaha on wednesday after prac i reli felt as if i could collapsed any second! hahahaha.. so cool. =) got more work done today and yet i feel alright. tired. thts all. hehe. but bad thing is.. i hurt myself today. during dance... i sprained my right foot and hand.. i think. lol. i jumped.. and then my shoe loose.. then when i landed.. my shoe came off and my right foot u noe.. bend inwards. was so painful.. =( and my pinky .. poor pinky! i was teaching andrea a move in really slowwwwww motion.. lost my balance and yeah.. i fell on my right hand.. and my pinky kena squashed. =( now i open and close my right hand also pain. haihs. but nvm! hope it recovers soon. not that severe. =D its just a small thingy. Pain still tho!!

ANYWAYS! someone made my day today. hehe. =)
Look what i got!!!!!!!! =D =D =D
its those huge big big bangles and its PURPLE!
YESH! theres a story behind this bangle!! haha. the day Natasha and I went to OU for rock climbing, she had some BONITA vouchers. discount coupons. so we went to BONITA to check out the stuffs. i saw this bangle and another bracelet thats purple as well. i'd get a rm5 discount for both. or so i thought. i really liked this particular one more than the other one. SADLY! this particular one was actually not rm5 but rm10 coz theres no discount for this one. =( so i put it back.. despite hw much i liked it because rm10 for a bangle is abit ex lerh! so yeah. bought the other one. and i wore it like.. everyday! and everywhere! hahaha.. serious. =) u can ask my college mates. xD hahaha.. today.. when i met Natasha.. she said..

"celine! dun go anywhere! i have something for you! Nick went to the car to get it."

so i was like.. "Oh?? okok! hehe." was really curious wht she wanted to give me coz i didn't rmb her saying she wanted to give me anything. then Nick brought this plastic. i opened it. and guess wht?! i saw this bangle!! this OH SO LOVELY PURPLE BANGLE!!! Sniffx! T_T thank u so much Nat! u've no idea how suprised and happy i was!!! she actually went back to OU on another day just to buy me tht bangle.. Sniffx sniffx! so touched! i really appreciate it loads Nat! im serious. =) now im gonna wear tht everyday too! hehehehehe! thank you so much dear!!!

I love it. :)

So yes. That was my awesome super long tiring yet happy day! =) it really has been a very long day. so will tmr be! as in.. like.. today actually. hahaa.. its 3am now. O.O i dont even know why i started blogging in the first place! i came home at 12am plus. i was so tired. PLUS my camera battery was flat. i actually charged it a while just to upload the pictures and told myself.. I MUST BLOG TODAY! HAHA. maybe coz thts what i told myself earlier on. tht i'll blog today.. so tht tmr when i go for the wedding dinner i wouldn't have gazillion pictures to upload. HAHA. gonna be another day.. filled with pictures! just wait and see! HAHA.

OKOK! im really super.. zombie-fied right now.. haha..and my pinky hurts. =( and so does my right leg. booo! hope it recovers ASAP! before my competition. omg maaaaaaaan my competition is like this Saturday wei! 17th April,Klang Parade,2pm! two more days to practise and perfect it! GO GO PHILEO!!! RAWK IT SISTAAAS! HEHEHEE. =P =)

okok. sleep! x)
man oh man. another long ass entry. HAHA.
Wooo~! cant wait for the wedding dinner! hehe..


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