Saturday, April 17, 2010


okay yes i had Malaysian Studies today..
and it was HOODIE DAY! ahahah..
but no i didn't take any pictures.. =P
i realized how many pics i have already taken..
hahahaha.. so i decided to stop for a while. =P

ahhh .. I love history.
but i really really dislike going for history classes!
seriously.. =( i prefer to study history on my own..
history classes are a waste of time!
but dun get me wrong. i like history. hahaha..

anyhoo.. i had a nice day today..
=) after coll i had lunch with the other wild crazy notty gang today.
haha.. and i actually had fun today with them..=)
they din smoke.. and all those.. =D
and i could talk more meaningful things with them..
and i dont feel moody at all and all..
coz i feel i cannot click with them..
or cannot accept things they talk abt and all..
but no. today it was all good. =) hehe.

i had a good lunch. :D

then i went home by ktm..
and hung out with Janning the whole day!
she came over to my hse! hehe.. yes!
to hang out with me.. hehe.. =) first time lerh!
yeah! first time she came into our hse. haha..
we watched two movies. but the other movie..
cannot be considered as a movie at all k!
tht one is like.. i dunno wht la. hahaha.. stooopid movie. =P
time flew so fast.. D: and before we knew it..
had to ciao for AFC edyy.. =(
din even get to go desa together.. rawr..

so then we headed to AFC!
aww yeah! i missed dancing.. =)
with the AFC peeps! it felt nice practising all the old dances...
we learnt during camp 2009. made me..
flash back on 2009 outreaches.. =)
miss them ahhh! hahahaa.. miss those memories..
i actually really miss me afc fwends too..
like jessica... angelinaaa.. mariaa.. joeee.. zach..
dunno why but it felt like ages since i last saw em. O.O
so yes it was nice dancing with them again.. haha.. =)

I got super nice hugs from Joe too! =P
Hahaha.. He actually carried me when i hugged him..
and spin me around! xD then he said.. "Celine! u very light!"
hahaha light my arse la... xDD but weee~! fun! HAHA.
like small kid only. haha.. =P
then yam cha.. and bathe by 1am. =X

competition is finally here and it is tomorrow!
yes tomorrow! at KLANG PARADE,2PM!
do come support my crew and i , aka PHILEO!
If u can! =) i know its kinda far.. but if you can come support..
we would really appreciate it! =)
so let me know if you can make it kay? =)

its 2am now!
i should be getting as much rest as i can for tmr..
hehe. so goodnight people!

i had a nice day.
a nice Friday. =)

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