Monday, April 12, 2010


YESH! whats a wedding without a wedding dinner?!
hehe. i slept at 4am.. coz i was blogging ..
was blogging bout the previous entry..
woke at 7am to go church.. i was like so zombie-fied ahhh!
hahahaha..then went to Seksyen 14 Mc Ds with Jov and JJ! =)
so long didn't hang out with them edy leh..
felt so nice.. hehe.. been long!!! =)

haha. had a great time!
then after tht went to sheryl's studio!
had dance prac again till 5pm..
then went to Andy's to get rdy!
hahahaha i wanted to nap but it didn't happen.. T_T
was so tired! then headed to TAI THONG near armada hotel. =D
So now.. i shall let the pictures do the talking. hehe. =)
i would've taken so much more pictures but sadly..
the lighting was so bad.. bad for taking pictures..
so yeah! this is all i took. kakakak!
the lights came on after the dinner. hehe. =)
Enjoy!!! =)

Fruit cake!! =)
I loveeeeeeeeeed the chocs! weee~~~! =)
the place. =D

was taking pic with jovenne! i was taking myself. then jo and jamie was like, up abit no no down abit! then i realized they playing wit me! hahaha so notty ahh u twooo!!!
haha. =) they so cute la.. =)

this would've been a nice pic if it weren't for JJ!

hahahaha! see! told u they notty!!! sudd poke meeee! hahahahaha...

Love u Lydia Miller. =)

haha. she's gonna kill me again. xD

i like this one. =)

i was falling!!! haha

Weee~! Mr and Mrs Miller! =)
My Snow Whiteee!!! =D

Congratulations u both!! =) so happy to see how u guys grew from friends.. to lovers and now husband and wife!! =)

The journey begins. =)

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