Sunday, April 18, 2010

As If It was My Birthday!! =)

oh man oh my. i should stop blogging.
hahaha. i've been blogging everyday!
and its not like..short entries..
but.. long ass entries.. WITH..
wonder where i find the patience to do so.. =P

i woke up really early today..
coz benson had prac.. and so..
i,zombie-fied..just sat in the car..
for an hour listening to music till church started..
hahaha.. i scared a few ppl. coz i was so still..
they didn't know there was someone in the car. =P

after church! after lunch..
went to BROTHERS with jann and benson!
to look at car stuffs! haha.. i saw a purple car..
OKAY FINE. toy car. =.=! but it was purple..
and it was in a super cute round-ish shape.
haha.. and! i discovered a new thing to play with..
everytime i go to these car places now..
JANNING TEACH ME ONE. :D hahahaha...
bring me to car places and i shall teach u as well..
wht to play and how to play. HAHA.
its reli FUN! SERIOUS. =)

Then went to TIME SQUARE.
parked there.. took the monorail to bukit nanas..
changed to lrt.. and then finally reached....
aww.. so pwetty...! =) been a while since i've last came here. Made me think alot about Beng. =( I miss you alot Beng.. =( ... when we were at the lrt i flashed back in 2007 when we were there.. then how pack it was.. and how we made so much noise everyone followed our funny noises we made.. and how we took funny pictures in the park.. yeah.. miss those moments alot! =( and i miss you even more... D:


yup! we went to KLCC for PC FAIR! =)
quite obvious right? hahaha.. and thats Benson. with the PREDATOR! yeah man!
the super cool.. super canggih and also super expensive PC!
i spotted it. hehe. =P and he was like.. TAKE PICTURE OF ME WITH IT!!!! Ban Ho will so totally be jealous of me standing next to it! LOL. benson ah benson. xD
see see.. like small boy ni. =P haha..

there super good offers k! T_T. money oh money. how i wished u came flowing like a fountain at that point of time. haha. i had things i wanted to do when i went there. first thing, buy a 4GB memory card for my nokia e63. second, buy a pendrive for Sheryl. third, Check out and survey the prices and offers of CANON IXUS 100 IS.!

i was suppose to buy the camera at first. but coz i was short on money.. not coz no money.. but banks are all closed and i got no atm. D: so yeah. i went to pc fair just to survey first lorh.. =( oh well.. so i managed to get my 4GB memory card for only rm35! =D wooot woot~! hehe. and helped sheryl buy her pendrive. then i surveyed the camera thing. at first i was happy. coz on saturday i went to 1u and saw an offer for tht camera.. going for rm799 plus 4GB free.. with casing and mini tripod stand.! but the first few offers i saw at pc fair were like.. rm899 with 4gb,casing,mini tripod and a battery. extra one. if cut the battery out.. its rm859. so i was happy like. eh?! nt bad! even if i buy in 1u, i can get cheaper and i can buy it.. coz then i'd have the money... untill..


zomg! 8GB WEI! EIGHTTT!!! thats like frigging alot leh!! usually the most they give is only 4GB u noe?! after i heard tht offer i wanted to buy the camera on the spot so badly!!!! D: but i was short on money.. =( but i was shot only by a lil!! like rm60 or rm100 like tht. ahhh! can u imagine how i felt?! SO NEAR YET SO FAR! yeahhh.. sighs.. =( oh well... so i finally bought wht i wanted.. benson bought wht he wanted..

then we ciao-ed from the centre. haha. ooh yeah! i bumped into quite alot of people i know.. =)
Then Qian and Melissa was so happen in KLCC too! =) so we went to the park to meet them! =) ahhh.. i just love the fountain. its so beautiful.. made me think of AFC 2007 when we sat at the steps and ate dinner just before performing.. memories oh memories. =)
Woo! see the water! super high! =D
Benson look like he gonna do a cat walk anytime now. =P HAHA. =P

So yeah. ate dinner at klcc. ate kfc. then went home by lrt. tot it was gonna be packed! but suprisingly it wasn't!!! so cool right?! haha.. then the minute we went down got lrt come edy. and it was so cold and nicee.. and not like TUNA-ed! hahaha. =D then we walked to the monorail station at Bukit Nanas. the minute we reached the platform.. AGAIN the monorail ngamngam reached! hehehehe..! awesome stuffs! =) and it wasn't pack. =) so yeah! it was a good ride home! ^^..

now now. let me show u the things i got. =)

FREE GIFT from KINGSTON! coz i bought a memory card. hahaha.. its a file.. =)
Oooh.. whts tht i see?! A MINI TRIPOD?!
An IXUS t-shirt?! for wht?!
ooh yeah. Chope the suspens for a while. HAHA. i got this from aunt emily!
a Teddy bear and a Body Scrub thingy! =) hehe. she gave it to me for helping out before the wedding with the wedding preparations! thank u so much aunt Emily! very thoughtful of you! =) hehe...

omg CELINE YAP KAH MAY! U DIDN'T! *suprised dumb face* xDD
Omgggggggg YOU SO DIDN'T!!
OMG PEOPLE! I SO TOTALLY MANAGED TO BUY IT!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! *goes crazieee~~!!!* HAHAHAHAHAH! wonder how i got it? =D heheeeeeeeeeee. =D =D =D =D! ITS A LONG STORY. SO. get rdy. xD

THIS WAS WHT HAPPENED. after seeing the offer Benson was like oh well. too bad. no money. so i reli gave up and forgot all abt it.. for a while.. or so i thought! but just as we were about to leave.. i kept saying.. NOHHHHHHH! i just need rm60+ more! thats all! and i can have it! its such a good deal! so bored of hearing me say..
"its such a GOOD DEAL!!"
he kept saying.. YES YES I KNOW. but u got no money so too bad la..

then i was like.. T_T..
and said. NO! i must try my best to get it!
its too GOOD of a deal and i cant let it go!! 8GB AHHHH!
SO! i texted Kim i texted Melissa.. the two people who may be in KLCC. coz they told me tht they would be there.. and Kim called me! omg my heroeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim: Celine! im not at Pc Fair! but Allan is!! he's abt to leave but he can help you! go find him!
Celine: Omg serious?!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGG! OKAAAAAAY!

so she gave me his number and yeah maaaan! i found Allan! like after going thru all the sweaty armpits! ALLAN! i saw lee tart too! hahaha.. Allan is a senior in my college tht i just met last week. =) first impression, he seemed like a good friend and nice guy. =) anyways! OMG ALLAN! totally saved me today!!! he was willing to lend me the money i was short on! so yup! Allan helped me super alotttttttt!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ALLAN! U HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY U MADE ME!!! :D :D :D!!!!!!!!!!

i was going crazie the minute i got the money. CRAZIEEE I TELL UUUUU! hahahaha.. and guess wht?! GOD IS SO GOOD! for blessing me with friends tht are always somehow there at the right time to help me! MELISSA CALLED ME!

Mel: celine! r u still in klcc? i just saw ur text..i'm still here! u need help is it? u need money? i'm here, i'm here..
Celine: =') THANKS MEL! but im ok edy!! =))))))
Mel: oh okay .. so settle edy?
Celine: yeah! thanks alot mel!!

hhahahaa. OH MAN. tell me tell me. am i blessed or am i blessed?!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))))
SO YUP! that was how i got this BABY right here! =) isn't she just so hawwwwt?!!!
ooohh lala~~~~~~! =) hahahaha. and guess wht?! i got 6 free gifts ahhh! hahaa.. the girl was so nice to me. she suppose to give me 8GB memory card,mini tripod stand,t-shirt and casing.
But in the end she gave me.. 8GB memory card,mini tripod stand,screen protector,t-shirt,a bag and the super cool casing!!!! she was so nice!!! =) i just asked once.. and she said ok.. =) hehe.. ahhh .. i was so happyyy!!!!!!!!!
the cool cool casing!
the bag!
the things i got today!
ahhh i feel so happy! I FEEL AS IF IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!! HAHAHAHA. so many lovelayyyys! and new stuffs! and AHHH. I JUST LOVE TODAY SO SO MUCH! EVERYTHING..and i mean.. EVERYTHING.. fell in place .. perfectly.. just perfectly.. =)
hehe my memory card. =D

so yeah man!
awesome day or what?!!!

definitely,today wouldn't have been tht awesome without my few heroes of the day!

KIMBERLEY ONG! u weren't there but u made the effort to help me still and look for other alternatives! without what u did.. i wouldn't have gotten the camera!!! thank u so much Kim!!! u know i love you.. =)

ALLAN! if u hadn't willingly lent me some money, i wouldn't have been able to buy my camera altho i was only short by a lil! the smallest thing.. made the biggest differenceee!! altho i just met you, you trusted me still! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THT ALLAN! =)

BENSON! thank you for accompanying me to pc fair altho it was super pack and tiring!! without you following and fetching me today, i wouldn't have got wht i got now!!

MUMMY.. thank you so much for buying me this camera as a gift for doing good in SPM!! i was so super happy when u told me u wanted to buy this as my gift coz u and pa din get me anything. I FLEW TO THE SKY! =))))!

TODAY wouldn't have been so awesome if it hadn't been for you.! u stand everyday and work so hard to buy me this camera. i'll treasure and really keep it safe! you know i will! =)
I LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

And God, lord.. thank You so much for just giving me this awesome day.. for letting everything fit so perfectly.. and most importantly for blessing me with such amazing people in my life. =)

awesome day i tell you. =)
Again. i shall go to bed tonight..
with a Smile on my face. =)
I love today.


  1. You shud be thanking Ma the first...

  2. 有用的才華若不用,便如同日晷儀放在陰暗之中......................................................

  3. haha can still feel your excitement, as if it was that day in the park!

    - melissa in green. :)