Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Missing You Guys..

Hey hey. 2nd day of class!
well i had economics today..
i had fun in class.. yes i enjoyed it..
reached college 1 hour early coz i took the ktm..
yeah.. better early than late right?

today i had fun at first but after tht became moodless larh..
moody.. =(
i waited for tht till 7pm plus..
class ended at 5pm..
u see.. i might as well follow him home..
coz if i take the ktm..
i'd reach home about the same time..
but i dont need to be tuna with people..
smell their armpits.. after work smell btw.
and yeah.. have the fear of nearly literally..
kissing the dude infront of me!

so yeah.. waited..
some seniors tht added me in FB came and..
talk to me after class today..
they were waiting outside.. lol..
they intro-ed themselves as the dudes in FB.
Mmm.. lol.. then when i was waitin for dad..
they came and talk to me again..

anyhoo.. one good thing..
i've already cut one group of people ..
away from my "who should i hang out with list."
lol yes. i cant larh.. their just.. to bad of an influence..
too.. "EH YO YO YO!" but actually their not..
they only do tht to fit it.. =.=.. some of them at least.
bt whtever it is.. i'm glad that i may have found..
the people i would wanna hang out with edy..
just.. scanning through still.. =)
but definitely not them.
I'd die faster hanging out with them..
literally. they smoke like no ones business.. =.=..

so yeh.
anyways i had a good time just nw..
went to pasar malam with mummy..
finally got a bottle! havent had a bottle for a while nw..
coz mine.. cracked.. but yes! i've gt a new one now.. and ..
its purple! =) hehe.
met with Kok Sime in PM and then..
FINALLY he drove me for the first time. LOL.
cant believe it took u tht long MR.YKS!!!
tonight does not count!
Seriously. =P make sure u fetch me and bring me out. =)

then yam cha with Jia Yi,KS and Wei Loong!
had fun. told them everything about my life so far..
about college and all..
then wai king,parkson,kah fai,li hooi came..
then they were going for second round of yam cha in kepong..
but i had to go home edy..
so couldn't join them. KS fetched me home.. =)

ahh man.
while waiting for dad..
i really realized how much i seriously miss you guys.. =(
serious. No one can replace any single one of you..
no peeps at college can replace ur spots in my heart..
serious stuffs.

so happy i got to see u guys just nw..
really needed to see u guys.. =)
miss u all damn alot lorh!
haha.. i call ni u guys come out edy..
=') Love you guys heap loads.
No Joke.

Got coll again tmr..
buts its gonna be a long long day..
coll ends at 1pm tmr.. got Law class..
then meeting Chi Wing in Mid Valley!
he belanja me watch movie. hehe.. =D
then after that i'll go to cheras..
for dance prac at the studio.. and come home..
like.. really late. aha. so yeah.. i btr sleep now..

i feel abit emo.
but im alright.
no worries.


People say:

Dont You continue being too nice, You Wont Survive out there.


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