Friday, June 04, 2010

My busy sem break.

Hey guys. i know i havent been alright and all lately.
down at most of the times.. but i've been better this week..
well getting better.. but yeah! super busy..
and yeah.. i cant believe my sem break is already coming to an end..
and i've still so many things left to do. T_T

lets see hw i spent my sem break?


- Hmm.. stayed at home the whole day. =P AND OH YEAH! my dad's car broke dwn so i had to use the other car to fetch him from the ktm station but around 1.5km away from my hse..the car i drove broke down as well. i was with Mel. and so mel sat in the car and drive while i pushed it. =.= yes we decided to push the car home. and theres like a slope before i can reach my hse. so like yeaaaah man! SLOPE AHHH! when the car was at the start of the slope.. the car couldn't move at all. and i shouted out to mel.. "WOI! WHY U STEPPING ON THE BRAKE?!" then mel said.. "IM NOT???!!!" LMAO. i tried my hardest to push the car but it wouldn't budge. at all. so had to reverse the car (manually) and push it to the other slope tht wasn't so steep. but yeah in the end this cute guy stopped by on a motorcycle and helped us out. =D hw niceee.. ^^ he just left his motor there. and i asked, "u not scared someone steal ur stuffs?" and he said.. "They wanna steal let them steal lor.." i was shocked with his answer. heh. but yes. thts wht i did on Monday.


-Went to 1utama,Neway to sing karaoke with Mum,Sis,Nephew, lil bro and Janning. Had lotsa fun. im like the craziest one among all when we were singing. (As always) =P then we just hung out till 7pm, i had to go for my Basic Wall Course training (rock climbing) At Camp 5,1U. the course went on from 7pm-11.30pm. And so now, im like.. A MEMBER! yesh! an official member of camp 5! hehehehe.. cool leh..? i can belay people now.. thats so cool. =D so yeah, Mr.Yap Kok Lim who was really really kind and nice to me drove all the way from kepong to 1U just to fetch me home!! coz both cars at home rosak. T_T yeah.. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUO LING!! =))) it meant alot to me. really. =)


- Basically.. i wasted my time on the stupidest movie ever called Shutter Island. =.=... its a damn stupid movie. Boring plus the ending totally sucks. wait. scratch tht. the WHOLE movie sucks weih! =.=.. seriously. i had to keep pausing.. go do smth else, then play again. like.. wth? hahhh. stupid show. but anyhoo i watched GOAL & GOAL 2! FINALLY!! and i loved both of em! =D


-Super tiring day. followed mum to work and reached curve at 10am. coz now, theres only one car that can be use. So yeah, had to go early coz i had my training for the ENDURO 24HR CLIMBATHON @ CAMP 5, for this saturday and sunday. yes, its a 24hr climbathon competition.. and i'll be a Judge at the competition this saturday and sunday. so yeah had training from 8pm till 10pm. David sent me home. =D thx davidddddddd! ^^ oh yes! i finally met up with G and Sarah!! finallyyyyyyy! Chow Di Sheng!! ur t-shirt is still with Mieeee!!! When r ya gonna get ur ass up here?! And yeah! i planned to like study? but obviously plan failed. D: sighs. it was mad lar. I was at curve from 10am till around 3pm. then G gave me a lift to 1utama. so i was at 1u from 4pm till 6pm. and then i had dinner with David. =D yay! had someone to teman. hehe. =D and yeah then training. so tell me now! tiring day or tiring day?!


-Today. Another super tiring day. T_T planned to study again but obviously plan failed! D: followed mum n dad out. reached curve earlier this time. 9am.. had breakfast with mummy.. and then shop a lil.. and then Gwyneth came and we shopped again together.. CURVE IS HAVING A SALE WEIH! =D super super good deals! go check it out! =P and then we took a cab to 1utama..and watched Prince of Persia! OOOOH YEHH BABY! i liked liked like like liked the movie! =D it was nice! serious. =D i love the ending.! then we jalan jalan and makan abit at the shilin taiwan dunno wht shop. LOL. then YI SOON! yes yes yes, Yi Soon came to 1u to teman me and meet up with me and to catch up. =) yessssh. if u do not know, Yi Soon is quite an old friend edy. but for the pass 2 years we haven't really been keeping in contact and yesh we used to be really close friends back then. so yup! it was nice catching up again and all.. =) had funnnnn!!!!!!! and he teman me eat dinner. =D again! i had someone to teman me for dinner. hehe. =D after that i had my training again. 8pm - 10pm. Jaclyn Victor was there too. She was doing her sound checks and all. =D yeah, she performing tomorrow at the event. then Rosevelt was also there doing sound checks. =) so yeaaaah. that was my another super tiring day. T_T

And tomorrow's gonna be super tiring too!
My shifts are.. 5pm-1am,Saturday 5th - 6th June.
and 7am-3pm,Sunday 6th June.
crazieee right?! hahahaha.. i nvr worked till THAT LATE before! =P
so yeah, i'll be sleeping over in 1utama. =P
its gonna be great. i've got alot of pictures and all!
but been too busy to upload em!
dont even have time to check my emails. heh.
and yeah, sighs, i really need to study. D:
gotta push myself really hard.

so yep, do come by 1utama,5th floor,camp 5 tmr n sunday if ur free or around the corner. come check it out. its really cool.. there'll be alot of climbers climbing everywhere and performances and stuffs. its gonna be awesome! =D hehe. k ler. im beat. T_T. Gdnight. =)



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