Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello everyone!
yday i went to seremban to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday! =)
my mum's side relative. AND ON THE WAY THERE!
THE MOON WAS SUPER HUGE! tho it wasn't full..
it was only like a C shaped moon but it was HUGE!
and it was REALLY ORANGE! AND! it was super LOW!
i tried to capture a good picture of it.. but phailed. D:
it was so low that everytime i wanted to snap either its blur..
coz i snap too fast n shaky and all.. or either the mountains would block em.
so yeah. this was wht i got. haha. i took videos of it..
but by the time i took a video of it , it wasn't as awesome edy.

see the orange dot there?! YEAH MAN! it was THAT LOW!
how cool is that? =)))

i took alot of pictures but not gonna blog em now. haha. i need to finish my study goals! =P so here are a few pictures to show u the BIRTHDAY LADY! hahaha.. and an idea of my mum's family side. =)

my Popo and Kungkung! =)
they're both still so healthy!

my mum's siblings and my grandparents CHILDREN! =)) theres one more uncle,the second son but he is in germany. BANYAK OR WHT?! HAHAHA.

and we the grandchildren!! =)))

I had super alot of fun! haha. i dont really get to meet up with my mum's side cousins and aunties and uncles much! but compared to dad's side, they are more to the english educated side! =) hahahaa we had karaoke and all! it was all good!! ^^ had so much fun getting to know my mum's side cousins better.. i think i havent seen most of em for like 2 years or at least a year plus. hahaha.. it was nice nice nice. =) i had fun!

and today!
well i had dinner alone.. coz i didn't wanna follow dad n lil bro to curve. coz it was 7pm.. and they would go gym and i had to have dinner alone anyways.. and at the same time wait for mum to finish work and therefore hang around alone. =.=! so yeah had dinner alone.. pretty failed dinner plan. if u dont already know, i dun really fancy having meals alone outside.. =( if i ate alone at home im fine with tht. but eating alone outside? i rather not eat. =P haha. so yeah called some friends but timings just clashed. =/ so yeah i decided to pack back food! and since im not feeling well.. and all i wanted to eat rice. so i drove all the way to Menjalara,MGF but guess wht?! i had to wait more than half an hour till i could get my food. so no way man. haha.. I WAS HUNGRY! xD

so in the end i went to the kuey teow kuan low stall near my hse and ended up sitting there.. and eating there alone. =.= kok sime could teman me at like 8.30pm but i was hungry and didn't wanna be out till so late so in the end i say nvm coz i tot i was gonna ta pao but i ended up reaching the kuey teow stall at 8.30pm, ate there alone. haha. aihh.. FAILED DINNER PLAN! bt nvm.. =/ i ate super fast. HAHA. no idea why. 2 reasons maybe!

1. i was hungry!
2. i didn't wanna be there long coz i feel awkward eating alone. =P

so yep. BUT ANYHOO! as i made the turning into the lane where my house is.. GUESS WHAT I SAW?!

YES! I SAW THIS! well it was bigger and more orangey than this ! i got this picture from google but but but! it was some what like the picture above! AND IMAGINE THE MOON BIGGER! yes! i saw A FULL ORANGE HUGE BIG MOON TONIGHT! hahaa.. ahh.. that totally made my day. =) i ran up to grab my camera. but by the time i came down it became smaller and got covered by the clouds slowly by slowly. =/


techonology and digi cams,dslr and whtever can never capture what the real eye can see and appreciate. =) u may capture something ALMOST similar..

but NEVER.. ever as beautiful and real like how the eye can see. =)

study goals to be finished now! =)

Think Positive.! :D

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