Monday, June 07, 2010


i've had a super awesome + crazy weekend! hahaha..
i've been having alot of activities plus fun! xD
and i've so many pictures to share!
but i'm just super deprived of sleep atm!
and plus! i've exams this week! haha..
and....... i really..seriously.. NEED TO STUDY!
=X been so busy.. i've been slacking. D:

bt time to buck up nw!
most of my pictures are alrdy up on facebook! haha..
so yeah.. =D can go see em there!
Enduro 24hr climbathon was awesome!
met alot of new friends too! hehe. =D

i had a lot of fun seriously. =)
and i love climbing even more now!! =D
cant wait to go back n climb. hehe. Anyone?! =D =D
tho, i was super zombified after tht.. even now..
i should be sleeping already.
promised Kimberley kim kim to sleep early tonight!
haha. okok. well! updates soon!
probably after wednesday..after my law.. HAHA.

PS: i learnt a new french word.

it means.. GO GO GO! hehehe. =D i kinda like tht word nw. =D

ALEEE! just like OLEEEEE! world cup ish coming baby!

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