Tuesday, June 22, 2010

loving it baby!

YESH! i went jogging again today right after i got home.
to be honest? i was EXHAUSTED! but i guess..
i feel more awake after i jog.. =D
feel better even.. hehe.. AND GUESS WHAT?!

i managed to run 3 rounds today AGAIN!
but this time! i managed to run 3 rounds non-stop!
yday i ran 2 rounds and stopped.. walked half round..
and decided to go for 2 and a half round..
but i ended up running another full round!
so i ran 3 in total. hehe. but TODAY!
i ran 3 rounds straight without stopping leh!

I felt super super much LESS TIRED compared to yday!
i could've ran another half round making it 3 and a half.
haha. but i decided to keep steady first and increase slowly.. =D

another 4.5km today! hahaha.. awesome! =)

and and and ps! i had a dream yday night. haha.
i dreamt that i went to this super huge house..
and like there were tonnes of people living it in.
and all of em were super super friendly and it was like..
the home of a lifetime! and the awesome-est family ever!
but then.. i realize tht anyone who tried to leave would be blacklisted..
and they'll hunt u down to get u back into their home.
so i tried to escaped one day.. was wearing full white..
ran outta the hse and from no where this dude in full white..
came with a super YENG sports motorbike! and i hoped on it..
and tht was my escape! haha and they kept hunting me down and all..
but yeah that was part of my dream.. hahaha maybe...
i think of TOY STORY 3 too much! even my dreams are influenced nw!
HAHA! but i loved my escape! I WAS SHO COOL! =D =D =D

hahaa so yea. =D thts all! gotta go finish my law assignment now.
i kinda love my daily routines nw. =)
College, Jogging,Online like 1 hour max and then studyyyyyy! =D
=) toodles people!

PS: i find looking at people dozing off in the ktm really fascinating! it made me smile and almost laughed even when i was dead tired. AHA! people infront of me thought i was craziee or smth. =P


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