Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Notty notty..!

hello! yes, i've been a notty girl..
i've been slacking in my studies..
and i haven't been dancing for 2 months plus already!
can u believe it?! i've not danced for 2 months..
i feel so bad.. as if i've abandoned dance..
i've abandon my passion!

yes yes.. if u do not already noe,dance is my passion.
and nt dancing for 2 months has been the longest period of time i have not danced AT ALL lately. yehhh.. these two important priorities..

Studies + Dance.

I better get back to em.
I finally brought myself to planning my study goals!
I've already wasted april and may i would admit tht..
so no more time to waste!
for time waits for no men!



  1. hi,
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  2. hello karamel! thank u for not accusing me or blaming me straight away! because of you i have finally figured out a solution to my problem!

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  3. Hi celin,
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