Monday, June 28, 2010

=/ . =S . =( ?

hewooooo... hmmm..
had such a rollercoaster day today.. =.=..
sick, so i didn't go for class..
brought my lil brother to go see TOY STORY 3 jst nw..
although i already watched it .. but brought him to watch again..
coz i had free pases to watch from 8tv.
it was nice watching it even for the second time.
good movie. great memories. =)

thennnn.. i went back and started doing my notes..
well. i've been doing my own notes for all 3 subs..
and so far it was okay but im starting to have the feeling that..
its pointless,useless and its just like me, copying the text book all over again. u noe.. tht kinda feeling? yeah and im starting to question myself if i should continue. =(
sighs.. i need some motivation..
im at the point where im starting to feel demotivated and all.. =(
and time isn't slowing down for me either..
3 months more till my As exams..
i cant afford to even waste a single day more..

and then just now few things happened that made me feel really crappy. =( siggghs.. and as i was feeling so crappy.. i was listening to the radio at the same time.. and hitz was giving out movie tickets again.. last time me and my lil bro super active go win one.. bt its been a while since i actually bothered or had time to do so.. and yeah i just simply try..

and to my suprise.. i actually won the tickets to watch THE PREMIER OF PREDATOR. and i was the first sms through. that kinda enlightened me.. but all these things can only do so much i guess?

and another thing..

doesn't it just sucks/hurts/makes u feel so sad when u care so much for someone close to u be it ur parents siblings friends boyfriend girlfriend but they dont realize how much they mean to u and how much u love them and how much u care for them? but they dont even bother?

one word. Pain.

i guess all these things are out of our control..
and all we can do is to either continue wht we're doing..even tho it hurts coz this is wht we call sincere love. without expecting back anything. (tho its hard)
or just stop caring and break tht relationship.

Oh dear life..
sometimes your just too confusing and complicated.

then again, whats life without all of these.

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    Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!