Monday, June 21, 2010


yesh! okay i know i said i'll be missing for a while.
but i DID say MAYBE. =D

haha. anyhoo! just wanna say tht i finally went jogging again after 2 months of being oh-so-unactive! and and and i thought i would've lost my stamina by now but but but GUESS WHAT?! i finally broke the mindset that i could only run 2 rounds around that big big lake.. BUT NO! i finally overcomed it and ran 3 rounds! hahahaha.. took me a total of 18minutes to complete those 3 rounds tho.. =X

not too sure how far/ long one full round is..
still dunno.. but im assuming it to be about.. 1.5km?
or 2km? haha i dunno.. but its about there larh.. =D
so if its 1.5km means i jogged likeeeeee... 4.5km?! =D xD
yeh no biggy. but im happy i managed to overcome tht mindset.
now i just have to prac more and go up up up up and up! =D

hee. =D i really need to get myself a proper jogging shoe. =.=
i wore my retarded scouts shoe to jog just nw. xD
and yeah.. okay.. thts all i guess.
i was kinda down yday.. because of 2 people. D:

to one of you...
How can i spend time with you if you didn't want to spend time with me in the first place? sighs. and tbh.. u asked me many times if i missed you. truth is.. i dont. actually.. =/ i dunno.. ur starting to make me.. build a wall between us.. and.. i dunno how to react or.. layan you anymore.. =( sighs. whtever larh. ...

and you.. well you..
maybe i should stop sharing so much. =)
yeah.. and.. just stay away slowly by slowly?
i dunno... your just so confusing.

and im too soft!

u brought this upon urself softy. D:
life life life. and time!

Time is all its ever been.

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