Saturday, June 19, 2010

Parts & Parcels of my June. =D

Hewooo! haha. okay. i know that...
I said there were too many pictures to share and yada yada yada..
i'll only share some of em and yada yada yada..
BUT. hahahaha! geez. i realized that im really bad at..
choosing like ONE picture for tht one event. HAHA.
i ended up choosing and uploading like a gazillion billion jillion pictures!
=X hahahaa. nvm.. =P im bad at blogging short entries..
when i have sho many pictures! hahaha.. so here here..

one sunday jan,benson,B and i went to Mc Ds at central point to study.

and yes, i had moral studies mid year exam the nxt day.

and benroy had his maths mid year exam. hahaa. so yeah we studied.

one day, when all of us were really low on cash..
we decided to go to 7-eleven to have lunch! hahaha..
yep. cup noodle. =P
n dennis ate mee hoon. hahaha.
and i ate cup noodle too! =D but i ended up cutting my finger tho.. =/
wuwuwu. T_T

then on one friday, I had breakfast with kok sime! =D ahh! i rmb nw. it was a holiday.. wesak if im nt wrong. =P

we had a weaaaaalllyyyy early breakfast. haha. coz after tht i had futsal! =P
as usual. camwho-ness in the car! =P
PURPLE LOVES ME! hahahaha..
and me .. as usual.. with my unevitable shots! nyahahahahaa..
no one can escape my picture taking especially when they're driving!!! =D
have fun! =D hahahahaa..

AND YES I WAS DANCING! hahahahaha. he felt so malufied! we were at a traffic light. everyone else were looking. HAHAHAHAHAHA. like i care. =D LOL!

HAHA! AWESOME SHOT! poor fella. =D nyahahaha!
but u enjoyed my presence didn't you?! hahaha! kesiaaan. xD when we were reaching my hse avril's sk8ter boy was playing and i blasted the volume super loud and started playing my imaginary guitar while singing! xD HE JOINED ME IN THE END! whahahahaha! =P he was like.. "WAH!!! early in the morning edy like this!" lolololol! =) u know u loveee meee... =DDDDD

so after breakfast i had futsal!! =D played at kelana jaya.. ended up with a super big blue black on my right knee. hahahaa. why? coz there was this dude who was like 180cm plus that wanted to get the ball the same time i wanted as well.. i didn't see him! hahaha.. and and and we ended up kicking each others leg! well nt really larh. more like we kicked the ball at the same time and our knees hit each other real hard. obviously.. i kena harder impact. like duhh right? hahaha. bt whtever. i had fun! =D
and this was at night. attempted to watch movie but failed. quite a failed ending of the day. i was like kinda down tht night. =/

And i dunno when this was. HAHA. i felt like.........
Hee. =D
=D =D =D hehe. shoosh! =P

erm i cant rmb when this was either. HAHA.
all i rmb was tht we were at De Fortune. =D first time i sat inside.. always sit outside. =P and lyn ordered like double the normal spaghetti portion weih! coz apparently he was like really hungry. hahaha..
see! he look so happy! hahahaa.. but when he ate like half of whats on the plate he was like begging us to help him finish the rest. HAHAHAHA. aih aih mr har lyn yie!
the others. =D eun,fish,sime!
sime super posing. haha

and this was on........ sunday. hahaha. yeah. one fine sunday.
mum n dad came back from JB with my elder sis,melissa and her baby aka my nephew, Joshua. together with these two guest, came our furniture and stuffs and junks from JB. yep. we finally shifted our stuffs to kl.
also, tht day was the day benson left to Kampar to study in the UTAR campus there.

i was so happy i finally have my bicycle again. i bought this with my savings for like rm200 plus when i was.. er.. 12? or 11? yeaaah.. and guess wht? benson took it to kampar with him to use. T_T oh well..
okay, why is dad's face like tht?

coz dad would be drivin him to kampar and poor daddy have to squeeze untill like tht. =/

hahaa mum n dad playing around. its been a while since mum was behind the wheel. =P
and yesh.. janning after church came home with us to teman benson till he left.
dont u just love my pose?! =D hahahahahaa.. i shoooo totally stand out. xD!
and yup he left.

then mun yi! she came back on the same day benson left!
who is mun yi and where did she come back from?!
Mun Yi's my cousin. =) haha and she came back from UK. she's studying there..
i've nvr tasted em before. =))) THANKS ALOT MUN YI!!! =)

then on tuesday..
oh yeah i was having my sem break btw. for a week.
jann picked us from home.
us = joshua me mum mel
aww he's sho cuteee!

we went 1u neway for karaoke!!! =D
Jann finally saw the crazie side of me. =D
we were singing i got a feeling! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO~! xD

i singing emo song ahh.. xD

smell my feeeet! xD

mel lost it. she cant camwho no more.

then after tht we had dinner and i had my BWC course at camp 5! hehe. =D had the course for free! =))) because i volunteered to help at the ENDURO 24HRS TOPROPE & BOLDERING COMPETITION. =D

then one day kim randomly said. "IM COMING UR HSEEE!" xD

i lovieee uuu.. =)

haha. i brought her to eat the nice kuan lou kuey teow near my hse.. and we went desa parkcity and couldn't resist and ended up buying sushi! hahahahaha.. =P MY INARI!!! =D =D =D

Then on.... like... erm.. i think it was a.. thursday. HAHA.
me mel mum joshua went to curve. but had breakfast at IKEA. see me?! like the speed of lightning! HAHA. i became my nephew's.. er.. runner? no.. pusher? no.. TROLLEY PUSHER! xDDD if it makes him happy.. =))

awww see us laughing. sho cuteee.. =)

okay.. =S he's planning something!
told u he was planning something! T_T
notty.. run around for u and this is hw u sayang me. T_T...
then he gave me kissy kissy! HAHAHAHAHA.
ahhh.. hw lovable. =)
no, seriously. =D hahahahaa..
he prefers my company.. compared to.. =P
candids. awesome!

then we met G and Sarah!
ahhh Zhi Sheng! i've not seen u since MAD!!!
CHOW DI SHENG!! see larh! they learn from u edy.. T_T... ur pose! =(

finally met sarah in real life! =)

G said my face grew longer! nyahahaha! xD

then on... friday i think.. hahahahaa..
went curve with mummy first. shopped at the super awesome FOS sale!! i got clothes for like below rm10. =D hahahaha.. and yeah gwyneth came later on.
then we watched movieeeee! =D i cant rmb wht we watched tho! oh nooo! erh erh erh...........OH YEAH! PRINCE OF PERSIA! hahaha.. =X =P

then guess who i met up with after she left?!
haha.. yi soon is a long lost old friend. =) we used to be really close and all.. but kinda stopped contacting like 2 years ago. =/. but yeah! hahahahaa.. he came ou to teman me for dinner! =)
hahaha dvd boy! =P was nice larh.. meeting up again after so long.. =) knew him when i was 14. hahaha..

then before i went to camp 5 for my briefing and training.. i walked around for a while.. =)
and i saw this!

the whole row to cold storage weih! hahaha.. quite cool. =) the t-shirts all abt saving the earth and all..
then went to camp 5 for our last training and briefing. =)
then Jaclyn Victor also had her sound checks to do tht night.
briefing. i was a judge for the event. =D one of the mini judges!

my shift was from 5pm-1am and 7am-3pm. so we decided to stayover. =D
judges shirt were RED. =D the front view..
the back view.
everyone meet marcus! =D new friend. haha.
and meet khai sim! =)) new friend too!
us waiting for our shift
there were bands and singers playing and singing the whole day up till 1am!
and some of em were reaaalyy good! =)
so i handled route 2 and 3! the two guys tht were at my area were Jeremy and Jia Jin. =) this is jeremy! =) from smkdj.. his my age!
and heres jia jin! also from smkdj.. my age too! hahaha but he is like.. super....
HMM. weird much? hahaha! i think so too!


benson. =.=! lol!

it was alright at first but became super tiring after tht. coz we had to always look up and watch them and make sure they dont cheat and they were safe and all. our necks were killin us by the time it was midnight!
haha tired edy..

poor Jeremy. his routes were the busiest! he hardly got to rest. haha..

heres xin hui and teck yan! teck yan is also my age! so is xin hui.. but teck yan is like crazily tall! he is like 193cm seh!
anyways when it was 1am! they offed all the lights! aww yeah baby! and everyone had to climb in the dark with head lights! =D anyone who climbed at this time got double points! =)
uv light!!! GLOW IN THE DARK BABY!
meet shaun! =D
Jia Jin =)
and heres David! =)
my pants! hehe..
any white stuff would glow!
like this white paper! hahaha..
so after enjoying the atmosphere for a while we all went yam cha and for supper.. =)
the lights off was suppose to be from 1-3am only but when we got back at 4am it was still dark! they extended lights off for another 1 more hour.. =)
the talleys! =P

gaaaah! shaun just had to catch me cheating! =P hahah super tall right?! x)

last day. =) so basically climbers had to climb as far of a distance as they can reach and yeah the group with the longest distance climb wins. =) it was crazy. some teams slept and rest. but some didn't sleep at all and continued climbing! strong people weih! but it was teruk weih.. by like 8am u could see all the red eyes and tired faces and all..
lol! 7am there was like some yoga session. =P
i see BUTTS! xD

so yeah that was ENDURO. =)
there were climbers from all over! nt only msia. =) pretty cool lerh!
so after the whole thing.. we were all really really tired. i didn't get to slp.. =/ coz we came back at 4am and i tried to slp but i couldn't! D: so yeah i was really zombified and tired till like anywhere i sat.. i could just doze off! heh... wht happen was.. 5pm i could go home edy.. but then dad only could fetch me at 7.10pm.. D: so i didn't wanna walk around. was super tired. so i went to the taxi stand new wing, the place i had to wait and just waited for like 2 hours plus. hahaa was trying super hard not to fall asleep. whts worse, was tht i couldn't go home after tht. =( dad n ban ho went gym and they wanted to wait for mum to finish work. so i only reached home around 11pm tht night.! ahhhh.. T_T was super tired. but anyhoo! i had experience and just love exploring and gaining experience larh. =)

so yep! i finally now end my part and parcels of my june!
the so called shortened entry.
SUPER FAIL WEIH. hahahahahahaha.. oh well.. =P

Am really tired now.! soo.....

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