Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Ipoh Weekend!

Hey guys! sorry for being away for such a long time!
hahaha.. long for me.. well.. today is.. er.. saturday?
but yes, i've been away from my blog for a week plus!
but i did try to blog before today..
haha.. but by the time i finished uploading all the ipoh pictures..
i cant rmb wht but something made me stopped..
guess i didn't have the mood to blog anymore so yep!
this has been as a draft! =P anyhoo! here are my pictures! haha..

haha! wan ching's gonna kill me. x)

Yesh! hello! i had Msian studies class before goin to Ipoh. =P

and that fedora obviously belongs to.. Not me. =D haha.
its dennis's! the guy in white. and the other dude, well his edwin. =)

And if u focus on the girl in pink behind! YESH! she wanted to take pixies too! hahaha..
Kar yan.. =)

she said i smiled in ALL my pictures. So i tried to NOT smile? ehehe. =P
Kimmy darling on her last day of A-lvls exam! =)) she's free like a bird now!

Then dad came. picked me up and sent me to church. well we sat in the church van to ipoh since there were only 9 of us going. so yep. the van kinda stinked tho. =S but yeah thank God we arrived safely. reached ipoh around 4pm? and the conference had alrdy started! OH YES! haha. i went ipoh for a worship conference just so u know. there were workshops such as movement in worship,music, photography and Sound System. i obviously went to movement in worship. =P i was the only one from the 9 of us who chose tht. the rest went to music. aha. =/ so yeah! the whole thing was held in st.peters ipoh! saw some of my long lost buddies from st.peters! mann.. i've not seen them since MAD camp wei! =( 5 years man! hahah but then.. most of them had alrdy left ipoh to study somewhere else. only met debbie..pei kuen..v-tjen..Nicholas Soon.. and the rest were new friends! hahaha.. apparently few of the new friends i met were in MAD too but i guess we nvr met each other. =P so yep!

We stayed in YMCA. nt bad. WAY better than MOTEL DESA! hahahaha... the toilet is nice to bathe in. i like their shower. =D

the view from my room window. i shared room with jan n jamie on the first night. and with jan and felicia on the second.
waiting for benson.. =.=! he woke late!

n here he comes.. finally. =P
here is maria and rowena! =)
and this is felicia! =)
ben with his blur face
and miss qian chen arrived! she didn't stay with us in YMCA. she napped at her friend's. =)
on the way to st.peters! there was some.. rally..
with a.. hmm okkkaaaaay marching band?

check it out! the cutie on the dad's shoulders! hahaha.. tht kid was wearing a duck/penguin/i dunno wht costume but it was reaaaallyyy cute! =D

her name is Ooi V-tjen.
seriously! its in her ic! hahaha. cool leyy? xD
the church! finally saw hw st.peters look

the place my workshop was held.

CHECK IT OUT YO!. lolololol. =X

here is Deborah Yaw!!! =)))
i liked my workshop.
Why? because it was a total new style of dance to me. for me. everytime we (AFC) go out for outreach and perform our hip-hop dances and all. we always remind ourselves that yes! we are dancing not for our own fame but for the Lord! but in the end.. (for me) i dont really dance deep down from my heart from him. i obviously wanna do my moves right and just do it right! this was the first time in a long time that i actually danced.. right deep down from my heart.. without a care in the world of wht moves im doing.. of how i look.. of who are the people looking at me and all. all i cared was just simply how i felt. my connection with God. and im dancing for Him and only Him to see. =) Free worship this is called! where they just play soaking music.. or any worship music.. and u just move.. its really hard for me to explain how i felt and hw u should move in words. but honestly. it felt so good. i felt so happy. =)
Elaine (head of the s'pore team from church of our saviour tht thought us) was video-ing our experience and wht we've learnt from them on the last day in our last workshop session. =)
first day we just danced and was intro-ed to this style and form of worship. second day,second session, they prayed over us for us and we did soaking and just really spent time with God. we did free worship again too. =) Last session. we started of with the banners and cloths.
same thing, free worship but with banners and cloths. =) it was awesome! it felt so .. i dunno.. peaceful and nice. and lastly! we learned a choreography to Sarah Mclachan - Angels. sowiee! i dunno hw to spell her mclachan. hahahaha. but yeah tht song. it was so fun! =D it was a couple dance. and we danced for us to see group by group. hehehe. GUESS WHAT?! me and my partner got the Best Couple title! =P hahahaa. Wee~~!.=)
heres us! sowie sho dark. haha.
me and the s'pore team. =)
new friend,Soong Cheong, long lost friends! Jia Lerd and Pei Kuen!! =)

2nd day night session.. guess what?! I GOT MYSELF A T-SHIRT FOR FREEEEE!!! hahahaha. yesh yesh yesh! i reli wanted to buy it but then i was kinda low on cash so i didn't. but i managed to answer the question fast enough when they were like giving em out. hehee. =D
UNLEASH! the theme for the conference.

last day in ipoh. Mamak! for breakfast. =)

last session = to church service too. it was sunday. =D

had lunch with the st.peters group after tht! =) alot of new faces.. i know. =/
yep ate at WOOLLEY!

In Nicholas Soon's car! =P

then we had to ciao edy.. after tht..
but rev paul monash brought us to see his bro/bro in law's wild boar first!
whoa huge!
they stink tho. =P hahahaha. but it was cool! nvr seen a wild boar in real life before. =P
and thank God for journey mercy. =)
Rawr! they always do this to me! hahahahaha.. Jo made me promise to upload this on FB. xD

Had fun overall! my first time to ipoh! but honestly?

I REALLY NEED TO GO BACK IPOH TO EAT MORE GOOD FOOD! haha. i didn't get to try any of ipoh's famous food. sad eyh? haha. nvmnvm.. there will be a next time.. sooner or later. ;)
so yep! tht was my ipoh weekend. hahahaha...

i actually have tonnes of pictures before this ipoh weekend to share! but too much has compiled! =P so imma share some! hahahaha.. in the next entry. =) till then!

adios amigos!

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