Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strong imaginations..

i've nvr shared this with anyone before i think..
or maybe i have. haha bt yeah. about my imaginations..
actually, i have really strong imaginations.. =/
and really random ones too..

for example. the most recent one was today.
where we were in economics class and i suddenly felt the ground beneath me shake.. it happens quite alot.. but i'm not too sure if anyone actually realizes it. but anyhoo, the minute the ground shook.. i straight away went into my imaginations and mr.aria faded for just a minute.

i imagined, what if there really was an earth quake? what would everyone do?

1st scenario, everyone would go under their chairs and hope for it to stop.

2nd scenario, this person makes a run for it! he runs down to the 2nd floor,1st floor while everything else is falling apart.. and before he reached ground floor.. the stairs have already fallen apart and he then is stuck and sadly, dies at the stairway, crushed by bricks or parts of the stairs.

3rd scenario, the same thing, he makes a run for it.. but now he manage to reach ground floor fast enough before the stairs starts to collapse. he then runs out of the building without stopping and turns to look at the whole building collapse. being too terrified and shocked.. he unnoticingly looks at the building collapse in terror while walking and sadly, walks onto the busy road outside my college and gets knocked down by a car/lorry/whtever.

and then i came back to Mr.Aria's class. heh.
well.. my imaginations usually runs wild in topics and scenario's like wht would i do if this and that were to happen right now. but its kinda bad.. actually. its really negative. i've no idea why. most of these imaginations will definitely involve blood shed. like another example..

if me and my younger brother were in the back seat of the car. and infront of us was a lorry carrying sharp ended metal poles or smth. and suddenly smth happens that then causes the sharp metal poles to pierce through the windscreen of the car and then heads directly towards my lil brother.

what then would i do?

Scenario 1, find something to block it and hopefully it pierces only the object and stops there. i looked around and saw a bottle. i thought yeah, that could be used. but then again, obviously, it wouldn't be strong enough and my lil bro would get pierced in the end.

Scenario 2, i jump/move/go infront of my lil bro to save him n i getting pierced instead of him.

then i come back to reality. =.=
sighs yes yes i know it is really unhealthy and all..
but it just occurs naturally.. and in randomness..
any danger that i see may occur.. will trigger my wild imaginations..
to scenarios of what would i do? what would they do?
Sighs. sometimes it would even affect the me in reality.
like after all these short imaginations, i would then..
start to take precaution and just be really careful..
to ensure that whtever just went on in my mind..
dont really happen in reality.. =.=......
i feeel so totally like the final destination people sometimes.
Baahh... i dunno wht this is really..
whether its good? bad? ahh i really dunno.. D:

i dunno why i even shared about this but yeah.
another complicated hidden side of me revealed. =D
dunno, just felt like blogging about it. =)


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