Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mystery Solved!

AND KARAMEL helped me do so!!

If u see the comments in my previous entry, you would see a comment by KARAMEL, from turkey! it is because Karamel has informed me of the stupid comments "I" have been spamming karamel's blog posts with i got to find out the cause of all these spamming!

First of all, i would like to thank you Karamel for not blaming me or accusing me the minute u got all these spams from "me". thank you for not deleting the comments "i" have spammed you with and for even giving me the link to the spams! that is was a very smart thing u did back there! =)

because u have done so, i managed to find out why and how all of these spams have been connected to me! first of all, my blog wasn't hacked. the only reason why everyone who got spammed thought it was "me" who spammed them was because of person/a programmed hack/spammer followed my blog. this person has no blog of its own. and it followed only my blog. so the minute u click on the name of this person, u see a link to my blog, H e a R t s. so people who got spammed clicks on my blog and there u go. they think I was the one who have been spamming their blog with ridiculous chinese words. heres the spam.


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  1. not too bad actually.we have met such a nonsense reason.:)
    in the meantime you are very kind.
    Thank you.