Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thousands of Pictures,Less Words.

Okay. i know. i must be craziee..
to do 3 long ass entries 3 days straight!
haha.. yeah man. i wonder why so rajin myself..
O.O and my problem? i cant just choose 1 picture out of an event. haha. ahh well. so! heres another long ass entry. but! more pictures. less words. =)

first day driving out of my housing area. first 2 friends i picked up from their houses to go breakfast. =)
it was a monday. and parents went jb to clear more stuffs from jb to be brought down. wasn't allowed to drive to college coz nvr drove there with someone or alone before so yep. skipped class.
Chi Wing n marilyn. =)
so yeah! had breakfast wit em.. =)

first time they eatin there. =P

and yesh! im usually the one doing this.. to other people. HAHA.
its my turn to be in the driver's seat i guess. =)

haha the two nutcases. =)

then after sending em home. Kim darling came.
she offered to supervise my driving!
so tht day was driving day. =)
drove to all the places i would be driving to and HAVE to drive to. =)
so firstly! went to mum's work place, Curve.
then we headed to my college in brickfields! =)
and we drove baaack to my hse!
and then we drove to church. St. Pauls PJ.
and rested and Amcorp mall for lunch because it was really hot tht day and we were really tired.. =(
yep. check out them tired faces! drove starting from 12.30pm!
then we headed to Tmn Connaught,Cheras. Coz thts where i would have to go every saturday for dance classes. =) celica's class! =D yep. my dance studio is in cheras. =)
then we went to Kim's place in Bukit Jalil!
and it started to rain..

from cheras we actually got lost for a while and ended up in desa petaling but managed to reach bukit jalil in the end. =)

and then we passed Puchong.. =)
and then my car broke down.. =.= .. but it managed to start again after kim let out all the hot air by opening the oil cap. and we were super the tired.

and we finally reached back home at 7.40pm. super. duper. tired.!
thanks alot Kim.. =) i appreciate it alot! she did nth but just sat with me in the car for abt 7 hours straight! ily kimberley ong jing ling!

and i ended the day with dinner.. at the famous kuan lou kuey teow show with fish and sime. =)

On wed, brought ban ho ,wan ching n janning to rock climb. =)
since im a member there edy. and i can belay, so i can bring them in as my guests. =D

bouldering a bit.
playing a game. ;)
i belayed the whole day. climbed only like.. 3 times?
belaying is really tiring when u over do it. D:
i prefer climbing. =D

everyone meet Jane! =) a climber in camp 5 as well. she climbs alot and now works there. =D met her during the ENDURO trainings. =)

yep. climbed from 3pm - 9.30pm. by the time there was someone to belay me, i could hardly climb already because i was really exhausted already. =(

i think this was on thursday. =)
camera shy people. pfft! =P

and i watched TOY STORY 3 on another day.. =D
with nick.. =)
i seriously have problems choosing pictures n making up my mind. =P
well they may all look the same coz we're just smiling but every picture is different to me. haha. =D
i somehow have auto memory..
where i can rmb wht we were saying and all at every shot tht was taken. ;)
Nick! this time his the one taking the pictures! =P
nt bad hey!

wht a beautiful lake.. =)


and i had to ciao. =(

=P F R O G. lolololol!

At night, it was Burger's bday. =)
i didn't like their services at all. customer service, -o.ooooooo

birthday girl here!

this is burger aka xiu yoong. =)

i love my camera. =)

then we went to desa parkcity.
to play freezbie. =.=! in the middle of the night at the parking lot. =.=
random much? =P

And today.
i drove to church. =D

and brought this two school boys on an outing for a movie in 1u before they go back to school tmr. =) last day of hollie. haha.
whtever joeeee! pfft!


laughing candid shots. i like. =) tho its blur. =P

Lala Zhais. haha.

we watched A-Team! good movieeeee!!! =D tho, i really really LOVED TOY STORY 3! =)))) it rawked sooooooo much! hahaha. toy story my childhood movie! had a good sad ending. im happy and satisfied really.. =) coz toy story 1 n 2 were really good movies. =) i laughed like craziee while watching it. hahahahahaa...

so yeah. my study goals are wayyyyy delayed.
so! imma be missing for a while. maybe. =P
hahahaa. but i should really start dedicating my weekdays to fully study.
and im serious. =)

Hopefully, this week bears fruits!

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