Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wanna help someone?

Today i realized how short of a time we are actually given the opportunity to help someone.If u wanna help someone,dont think. Just do. Because by the time u've made up ur mind,the opportunity is already gone.

u noe wht made me realize this? a simple small thing. Ms jackie was walking up the stairs with a heavy box and her hands were full. i was very hungry and was going down to grab myself some bread to eat. so only the bread was in my mind. i passed by her n saw her bt didn't even ask if i could help. i just walked pass her. after i've passed her i realized tht she needed help. i turn behind to think if i shud run up to help coz she reaching the class edy. n by the time i decided.. she reached edy. =.= felt bad. =/ so yup. thts wht made me think of this. =)

its a good lesson to me really.
i really like how im able to observe such simple things bt actually, they bring an even more significant meaning to life. =) such an important lesson of life.

anyhoo sides that.. lemme share with you..
a stupid side of me. hahahaha..
manual cars, u have to obviously lock the doors manually.
and everytime i sit in my dad's manual car..
i would always remind myself repeatedly to rmb to lock the door whenever we are parking the car or about to arrive somewhere. so all tht play in my mind is.. "LOCK THE DOOR!" so i keep thinking.. yes yes i must lock the door.

i think of it sooo much.. TOO MUCH.. That when im about to get down the car. i'd lock the door and then try to open the door. and then shrugs and go.. "oh wow. u did it again miss smarty pants!" PFFFT! hahaha then i unlock and get out the door.

HAHAHAHHAA. I ALWAYS DO THAT! and its so annoying. hahahha. but i laugh at myself after i get down the car and think about it again. hahahahaha.. how silly. =P
but i guess things like these make life more interesting in a way. haha. =)

im starting to get better. =)))
but i still need to work on sleeping earlier.
hahahaa. Goodnight everyone.!


Its okay,its alright.
Time, thats all its ever been.

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